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PUMA Employee Todd Falker Attempts His 100th Marathon - an Endeavour of Endurance and Purpose

April 30, 2024

PUMA Employee Todd Falker Attempts His 100th Marathon - an Endeavour of Endurance and Purpose

April 30, 2024

As the Team Head of Product at PUMA Running, Todd Falker is no stranger to marathons. But his upcoming challenge is not just any marathon; it will be his 100th marathon and will mark a special milestone in Todd’s running career. As an extremely passionate runner, he will not just run another regular marathon – he will take on an amazing 362 k / 225 miles challenge – the equivalent of 9 marathons –  across the State of Michigan, USA, on the Shore-To-Shore Trail.

Starting on May 1st, Todd hopes to achieve the fastest known time (FKT) on this route, embodying FOREVER. FASTER. in every step he takes.

“The route is called the Shore-To-Shore Trail, and is used by horses and hikers. It’s runs straight east from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron, and while the state is relatively flat, the trail will be really sandy.”


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“I really love the outdoors, and feeling the ground move under my feet. I’m the type of person that likes to push boundaries and learn new things; I’ve run 160k eight times so doubling that for me is the next frontier. I’ve been dreaming of doing this run for 15 years, and #100 is the perfect time.”

The challenge ahead is daunting. Todd plans to conquer this journey non-stop over four days, with only short rests, relying on an array of his PUMA shoes designed for the ultimate running experience. During his 96-hour run, the Deviate Nitro Elite 2, Deviate 2, MagMax Nitro, Voyage Nitro, and Fast-Trac Nitro will be his companions as he pushes through the miles.


On the question which shoes he will be using, Todd said:

“So many!  Seriously I packed 12 pairs.  Most I will use Deviate Elite 2, Deviate 2, & MagMax.  For long runs your legs get tired and lower lugs don’t catch on rocks when you’re barely able to pick up your feet.  I also have Voyage, Fast-Trac, and an innovation trail sample for more traction depending on the conditions.  Lastly I have 3 different sizes (10.5/11/11.5) because your feet swell a lot when you’re out there so long!”


FUN FACT: Besides his shoes which will spring his feet, he will also consume a staggering 20,000 calories to fuel his body through this extraordinary endeavour!


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A post shared by Todd Falker (@toddfalker)

A Milestone in the Making

For his 100th marathon, Todd wanted to do something special to give back to others and to make a difference. So, this marathon is more than a personal milestone as Todd decided to add a fundraiser for freshwater through water.org.

Michigan has the most freshwater in the world, but this event will raise awareness for those living without access to clean and sanitary water, raising money for other parts of the world such as Africa, where water.org is highly involved.

“The trail finishes in my hometown, and I love my home state and all of the lakes. Being surrounded by fresh water is not something everyone in the world can take for granted, and I wanted to use my running to shine light on the poor sanitation situations in many parts of the world such as Africa. For that reason I partnered with water.org to collect donations and support those in need. I’m asking that people donate 26eu/$, and comment on my Instagram page which mile they want to sponsor!”

FOREVER. FASTER. with Every Fiber

“I want to set a fastest known time for the trail, around 96 hours or four days of consistent running. There will be difficult points, but I’m really excited for the experience!”

Todd shows up to this quest as a true PUMA by being determined, driven, and true to himself. The entire PUMAFam cheers you on for your incredible journey through Michigan Todd!

Here’s to Todd’s 100th marathon, may your feet be swift and your impact profound!

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