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7 Tips for Getting Back into the Gym After a Vacation

September 20, 2019

7 Tips for Getting Back into the Gym After a Vacation

September 20, 2019

Sometimes life happens and we get a little sidetracked from our workout program. Injury, vacation or work overload—whatever the reason that you took a break from your relationship with the gym, here are some easy tips to restart your exercise habits and get back into your healthy routine.

1. Don’t beat yourself up

Understand that this happens to all of us. Don’t mentally abuse yourself with negative thoughts about what you should have done differently, or how far you’ve allowed yourself to fall off the wagon. Let go of any guilt or regret, pick yourself up and move on. It’s okay.

2. Start with smaller steps

No need to go extra-hard on yourself to make up for lost time. It may be tempting to try to pick up right where you left off, but if you slowly and surely work your way up, you’ll probably feel less overwhelmed and get back to your previous fitness level in no time.

Starting slowly is also a good way to avoid injury or aggravating the one that sidelined you in the first place.

3. Set a schedule and stick to it

Healthy habits take about three weeks to form, so setting a schedule — really putting it into your calendar — is a good way to get back to it. This creates a sense of accountability, kind of like a date with yourself. Carving out just a small amount of time to exercise and consistently sticking to it will quickly help you get back into the habit of exercising regularly.

4. Choose activities you enjoy

We may be tempted to push ourselves through a hard-core, vigorous workout as a kind of punishment for being out of the routine, or in an attempt to snap ourselves back into shape. But this isn’t a healthy approach and definitely isn’t sustainable in the long run. You’re better off choosing an exercise you really want to do and enjoy. This doesn’t mean the workout has to be effortless or super easy but trying some different physical activities for fun can help to get the ball rolling.

5. Sugar, water & whole foods

No need for juice cleanses or crazy restrictive detoxes. To help get yourself back on track, focus on eating real, whole foods to fuel your body properly. Increase your water consumption to help flush out your organs and ensure that all your cells are hydrated. And perhaps skip the refined sugars —they’re just not a good source of energy.

6. Recruit a buddy

Like setting a schedule, recruiting a friend or two for regular gym sessions can hold you accountable and make it more likely that you don’t cancel at the last minute. Plus, working out with a friend can be a lot more fun and give you extra motivation in the gym.

7. Set a goal

Identify a target, large or small, and aim for it. This can help motivate you, especially in the initial stages. Anything from a short race, to being able to go a certain distance in a certain amount of time or a specific set-and-reps scheme on the bench press.

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