Our Voice of a RE:GENERATION Aishwarya Sharma travelled to Bangkok to work on a very special project coming soon.

June 18, 2024

Our Voice of a RE:GENERATION Aishwarya Sharma travelled to Bangkok to work on a very special project coming soon.

June 18, 2024

Every day we wear clothes and shoes without really knowing where they come from, how they’re made, or what happens to them when we’re done. In our upcoming #KNOWYOURSTUFF video series, Aishwarya Sharma, one of PUMA’s Voices of a RE:GENERATION, delves into the materials that fill our wardrobes. For her first mission, Aishwarya explores the leather and leather alternatives used to produce our beloved footwear. As part of her research, she recently visited PUMA’s leather tannery supplier CPL Group in Bangkok, Thailand to see the leather tanning process up close. Her experience will be shared through her and PUMA’s channels in the #KNOWYOURSTUFF series coming soon.


Scroll down for a unique preview into #KNOWYOURSTUFF?


On Earth Day in April 2024, PUMA introduced the RE:SUEDE 2.0 – a groundbreaking shoe that can be composted using a tailor-made industrial composting process. The shoe’s upper is made from Zeology tanned suede, a material produced through an advanced tanning process provided by CPL that is free of heavy metals and chrome. Zeology tanning enables compostable, biodegradable, and circular leather.

Aishwarya has already put her RE:SUEDE pair to the test in everyday life. In #KNOWYOURSTUFF? she gives some behind the scenes insights into the leather tanning process. Stay tuned for the full series coming soon.

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Why does PUMA open its factory doors?

Understanding the materials we wear helps us make informed choices as consumers. Whether it’s cotton, wood or synthetics, each material has its own environmental impact. By exploring these aspects, we can build a more responsible fashion industry.


“PUMA has a long history of reporting on our sustainability performance, but it is more important than ever to engage younger generations in sustainability decisions. We hope that by inviting our 'Voices’ to experience our supply chain we’re able to share the genuine progress and passion that our suppliers have invested as well as the realities and challenges we face in our efforts to improve.”


This is not the first time our Voices of a RE:GENERATION have visited some of our manufacturing partners. Last year, Luke Jaque-Rodney and Jade Roche travelled to Vietnam and Bangladesh and captured their experiences in three documentaries. Check out our YouTube channel to watch ‘MADE IN BANGLADESH’, ‘MADE IN VIETNAM’ and ‘STITCH AND SPICE’.


Andrew Burgess focused on PUMA’s RE:FIBRE process – a textile-to-textile recycling process that aims to take more responsibility for reducing the impact of textile waste by providing a long-term solution for recycling. Upon his return, Andrew designed a one-off capsule collection called PUMA x VIVID VISION.


Look out for the first episodes of #KNOWYOURSTUFF coming soon.

There is only one FOREVER. Lets make it BETTER.

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