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PUMA Stars at the European Athletics Championships 2024

June 7, 2024

PUMA Stars at the European Athletics Championships 2024

June 7, 2024

The European Athletics Championships in Rome are just about to start today, on June 7th, 2024. This prestigious event promises to bring together the continent’s finest athletes in a spectacular showcase of speed, strength, and endurance. As the world’s eyes turn to the Stadio Olimpico, the air is filled with anticipation, also because for many athletes, this will be their final test, leading up to this year’s  Olympic Games. Let’s get it on 🔥!

A Glimpse of What’s Happening

Tracing its roots back to 1934, the European Athletics Championships has been a stage for legendary performances and unforgettable moments. This year, Rome’s historic Stadio Olimpico will host over 1,500 athletes from across Europe, all vying for glory in over 20 disciplines along the lines of track, field and road running.

PUMA’s in action

At this years European Athletics Championships, we will have 125 PUMA athletes competing. With 67 men and 58 women ready to compete, we are set to witness an impressive display of talent and determination.

Our PUMA federations, 🇺🇦 Ukraine, 🇳🇴 Norway, 🇨🇭Switzerland, and 🇵🇹 Portugal, will be especially eye-catching while wearing our PUMA cat on their kits.


🏃‍♀️‍➡️🏃‍♂️‍➡️ Watch out for the half marathon! With 12 PUMA athletes competing in the half marathon event, we will have a great presence in this spectacular event, as our PUMAs fireglow will blaze through the streets of the Eternal city.

PUMA Women starting:
• Magdalena Lindner (AUT) 100M, 4X100M
• Rani Rosius (BEL) 100M, 4X100
• Jana Kosacak (CRO) Heptathlon
• Olivia Fotopoulou (CYP) 100M, 200M
• Tereza Horchova (CZE) Half Marathon
• Moira Stewartova (CZE) Half Marathon
• Amalie Svabikova (CZE) PV
• Kristiina Mäki (CZE) 1500M
• Ilona Manonen (FIN) Steeplechase
• Viivi Lehikoinen (FIN) 400MH
• Wilma Murto (FIN) PV
• Laeticia Bapte (FRA) 100MH
• Orlann Oliere (FRA) 4X100
• Ninon Chapelle (FRA) Pole Vault
• Solene Gicquel (FRA) High Jump
• Fadouwa Ledhem (FRA) Half Marathon
• Lina Nielsen (GBR) 400MH, 4X400M Mixed
• Morgan Lake (GBR) High Jump
• Asha Philip (GBR) 100M, 4X100M
• Domenika Mayer (GER) Half Marathon
• Esther Pfeiffer (GER) Half Marathon
• Christina Honsel (GER) High Jump
• Jacqueline Otchere (GER) Pole Vault
• Luca Kozak (HUN) 100MH
• Sharlene Mawdsley (IRL) 400M, 4X400M
• Zaynab Dosso (ITA) 100M, 4X100
• Anate Sietina (LAT) Javelin
• Diana Zaiganova (LTU) Triple Jump
• Henriette Jaeger (NOR) 200M, 400M
• Ingeborg Ostgard (NOR) 1500M
• Amalie Iuel (NOR) 400MH
• Elisabeth Slettum (NOR) 400MH
• Lene Retzius (NOR) PV

• Ewa Swoboda (POL) 100M
• Adrianna Topolnicka (POL) 800M
• Anna Wielgosz (POL) 800M
• Aleksandra Lisowska (POL) Half Marathon
• Pia Skrzyszowska (POL) 100MH
• Patricia Silva (POR) 800M
• Maria Andrejczyk (POL) Javelin
• Klara Lukan (SLO) 10,000M
• Marusa Mismas Zrimsek (SLO) Steeplechase
• Tina Sutej (SLO) PV
• Maria Isabel Perez (SPA) 100M, 4X100
• Berta Segura (SPA) 400M, 4X400
• Maria Forero (SPA) 5000M
• Ester Navarrete (SPA) Half Marathon
• Meritxell Soler (SPA) Half Marathon
• Certainly! Here is the formatted list of athletes as requested:
• Angelina Topic (SRB) High Jump, Long Jump
• Adriana Vilagos (SRB) Javelin
• Ditaji Kambundji (SUI) 100MH
• Angelica Moser (SUI) Pole Vault
• Annik Kälin (SUI) Long Jump, Heptathlon
• Salome Kora (SUI) 100M, 4X100M
• Hanna Lindholm (SWE) Half Marathon
• Maja Askag (SWE) Long Jump, Triple Jump
• Tilde Johansson (SWE) Long Jump
• Yaroslava Mahuchikh (UKR) High Jump

Keep an eye out for these PUMA stars

The competitors represent the pinnacle of their sport, including 9 reigning European champions. Among the many stars, four shine especially bright: Karsten Warholm of Norway, the men’s 400m hurdle Olympic Champion and World Record holder, Yaroslava Mahuchikh of Ukraine, the women’s high jump World Champion, and Italy’s Olympic champions, Marcell Jacobs (100m) and Gianmarco Tamberi (high jump), who will all don their PUMA fire glow spikes as they compete for gold.

📺 TV-Tipp: Tune in on Tuesday evening, 8:30 pm CET, for a thrilling 30 minutes as Tamberi, Pichardo, and Warholm vie for the high jump gold medal. Let’s witness history together!

PUMA Men starting:
• Emzo Diessl (AUT) 110MH
• Dylan Borlee (BEL) 400M, 4X400
• Jonathan Sacoor (BEL) 400M, 4X400, 4X400 Mixed
• Tibo De Smet (BEL) 800M
• Isaac Kimeli (BEL) 10.000M
• Thomas Carmoy (BEL) High Jump
• Ben Broeders (BEL) Pole Vault
• Timothy Herman (BEL) Javelin
• Topi Raitanen (FIN) Steeplechase
• Kristian Pulli (FIN) Long Jump
• Pablo Mateo (FRA) 100M, 200M, 4X100
• Gilles Biron (FRA) 400M, 4X400
• Jimmy Vicaut (FRA) 4X100
• Thibaut Collet (FRA) Pole Vault
• Emmanuel Roudolff Levisse (FRA) Half Marathon
• Charles Dobson (GBR) 400M, 4X400M
• Jack Rowe (GBR) 5000M
• Patrick Dever (GBR) 10.000M
• Andrew Pozzi (GBR) 110MH
• Alastair Chalmers (GBR) 400MH
• Jeriel Quainoo (GBR) 200M, 4X100M
• Deniz Almas (GER) 100M
• Joshua Hartmann (GER) 200M, 4X100
• Marc Koch (GER) 400M, 4X400M
• Mohamed Abdiilaahi (GER) 5000M
• Nils Voigt (GER) 10.000M
• Hendrik Pfeiffer (GER) Half Marathon
• Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (GER) Pole Vault
• Emmanouil Karalis (GRE) Pole Vault
• Nicholas Griggs (IRL) 1500M
• Marcell Jacobs (ITA) 100M, 4X100
• Fausto Desalu (ITA) 200M, 4X100
• Edoardo Scotti (ITA) 400M, 4X400, 4X400 Mixed

• Francesco Pernici (ITA) 800M
• Francesco Guerra (ITA) 10.000M
• Gianmarco Tamberi (ITA) High Jump
• Liemarvin Bonevacia (NED) 400M, 4X400M
• Tim Verbaandart (NED) 5000M
• Douwe Amels (NED) High Jump
• Terrence Agard (NED) 4X400M
• Ramsey Angela (NED) 4X400M
• Isayah Boers (NED) 4X400M
• Isaya Klein Ikkink (NED) 4X400M
• Nout Wardenberg (NED) 4X400M
• Sondre Moen (NOR) Half Marathon
• Pal Haugen Lillefosse (NOR) Pole Vault
• Sander Skotheim (NOR) Pole Vault
• Karsten Warholm (NOR) 400MH
• Jakub Szymanski (POL) 110MH
• Piotr Lisek (POL) Pole Vault
• Pedro Pichardo (POR) Triple Jump
• Samuel Barata (POR) Half Marathon
• Jordan Diaz (SPA) Triple Jump
• Jan Volko (SVK) 100M, 200M
• William Reais (SUI) 100M, 200M, 4X100M
• Ramon Wipfli (SUI) 800M
• Jason Joseph (SUI) 110MH
• Simon Ehammer (SUI) Long Jump
• Armand Duplantis (SWE) Pole Vault
• Henrik Larsson (SWE) 100M
• Emil Danielsson (SWE) 1500M, 5000M
• Thobias Montler (SWE) Long Jump
• Gabriel Wallmark (SWE) Triple Jump
• Oleh Doroshchuk (UKR) High Jump
• Artur Felfner (UKR) Javelin

As we count down the hours until this years European Athletics Championship begins, the whole PUMAFam celebrates our athletes. We are looking forward to seeing their dedication and our speed making a mark on the grand stage of European athletics!

🔥 Join us in cheering for the PUMA Fam!


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