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Fun Workout Alternatives to Get Moving Again

December 27, 2021

Fun Workout Alternatives to Get Moving Again

December 27, 2021

The colder months are settling in and that mean our bodies are shifting. Needing more rest, craving different foods ─ these are all really natural and normal aspects of a changing season. But totally leaning into that sluggish feeling and skipping out on regular physical activity isn’t going to be helpful or healthy in the long run …

So it’s time to get creative! Exploring new forms of movement is a great way to snap out of your workout funk, so here are some unusual suggestions to help shake things up and get your sweat back on.   

1. Dance Workouts

We humans love to dance ─ our bodies are hardwired to move and groove when we hear music or even just a good beat. So the number one option on the list to break out of exercise boredom is to try a dance workout. In this category there are many alternatives to explore, including:


If you combined ballet and pilates with conditioning training and cardio, you would get a barre class. It is a low-impact/high-intensity way to work on core stabilization, postural alignment, and flexibility. Plus it’s a safe space to let your inner prima ballerina express themselves …


Pole dancing combines gymnastics, acrobats, and dance moves. It is a full-body workout, marrying resistance training and cardio in one. Benefits include improved coordination and flexibility and a good ol’ boost of self-confidence.


Tracking back to New Orleans in the 90s, eventually becoming a viral internet sensation in the modern day, twerking as a workout (or a twerk-out if you will) strengthens and sculpts your body all over. It especially targets muscles in your booty and thighs, but still hits the abs and arms which are activated to stabilize the movements. Plus it provides a great emotional release and is an empowering way to have fun while exploring your body.

2. Partner workouts

As social beings, a great way to stay motivated to nail your workout is to have some friends join in and rally together. Partner Workouts can transform your regular HIIT flow or strength circuit into a social occasion. If you’re feeling adventurous you could also try:


Combining the playful aspects of circus with the physicality of acrobatics and the healing benefits of massage. Acro yoga is a really fun way to step out of your comfort zone while building strength and flexibility. Typically you need a base (someone on the earth), a flyer (someone in the air doing the tricks) and a spotter (someone to keep things safe). Acro yoga is also a great way to work through your trust issues, especially if you are the flyer …

3. Martial Arts

An incredibly powerful and intense workout choice that is perfect for training strength and skill, endurance, agility and explosive power. Not to mention that mastering martial arts requires patience and discipline, meaning it is enhancing your mental abilities as well. There are a huge range of options to explore, such as:


Punch, jab, kick! Rest assured ─ after a solid kickboxing class every muscle in your body is going to feel the burn. Engaging both your mind and body, this powerhouse form of exercises sculpts your muscles and is also a great way to blow off steam or work through stress.

Krav Maga

Initially a fighting technique taught to the Israeli army, Krav Maga is all about learning how to keep calm and become more physically capable. Due to its dynamic nature, it is great training for both your aerobic fitness (endurance and stamina) and anaerobic fitness (short explosive bursts of activity). A super intense style of workout, Krav Maga will help hone your self-defense abilities while improving your confidence and sense of security in yourself.

4. Get High

Well, not really. But what better way to snap yourself out of a sluggish slump than to get some adrenaline pumping while you workout? Flip your perspective on physical activity by trying:

Aerial Yoga 

A form of yoga that uses a hammock or silks suspended from the ceiling, aerial yoga is a mixture of yoga, pilates and acrobatics performed while hanging in the air. It has all the benefits of these activities plus more ─ great for decompressing your spine while improving blood and lymph circulation (from those inversions) and digestive issues. And with all the blood rushing to your head you may even notice improved mental focus and clarity.

Rock Climbing

Scaling a bouldering wall or heading up into the mountains are both great ways to get your blood pumping. The pushing and lifting motions you go through as you climb are a form of resistance training, plus it is an excellent cardiovascular workout, improving your endurance and working both your lower and upper body.

Bottom Line

For best results, try to incorporate exercise that includes the three types of activation into your routine: cardiovascular activity, strength conditioning and flexibility training. Switch up the muscle groups you work on and the ways of engaging with your body to keep things balanced and interesting.

While getting back into your groove just remember to have some self-compassion. It is normal to sometimes fall out of a regular fitness regime. By swapping some new activities into the routine you can keep things interesting and get newly motivated!

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