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Teamwork makes the dream work

February 6, 2020

Teamwork makes the dream work

February 6, 2020

Whether you’re looking for more workout motivation, someone to push you just a little bit harder in the gym or simply want to raise the fun levels of your sweat sessions, grab yourself a partner and get going.

Studies have shown that cooperative exercise is a great way to boost the consistency of your training and is super beneficial in a whole range of ways. Endorphins and shared experience will also help you to bond deeper and get closer to your fitness friend.

Design a circuit at the gym that mixes in some of these challenging and effective partner exercises to harness those feelings of camaraderie while improving your fitness.

Strength Training Ideas


High Five Push-ups

  • Begin by facing each other in a high plank position
  • Simultaneously perform a push-up (with whatever modifications necessary)
  • At the top of the push-up, high-five with opposite hands
  • Repeat, switching hands


Go for 10 to 15 reps in 3 rounds, with a rest of one minute between rounds.

Trunk Rotation w/ Resistance


  • Stand facing each other about one metre apart, each gripping one end of a double-handled resistance tube
  • Back away from each other until you reach a feeling of light resistance
  • Engage your abdominals and with good posture Partner A rotates their torso left while Partner B rotates right
  • Slowly return to starting position and then switch the directions


Repeat the entire motion 15 times for each side.

Plank & Burpees


  • Partner A begins in a low plank pose, with a straight back, shoulders over elbows, aligned neck and engaged core
  • The Partner B stands at the feet on the right side of Partner A and performs a burpee, and then jumps over Partner A and does another burpee
  • Repeat in the opposite direction


Continue this back and forth for one minute, and then switch positions with a 30 second rest in between. Try to work your way up to 3 rounds.

Medicine Ball Squat & Pass


  • Start face to face, standing a few steps away from each other, with Partner A holding a medicine ball of their desired weight to their chest
  • Partner A slowly sinks into a full squat, weight in the heels, head and chest up while avoiding raising their toes
  • Coming up out of the squat, toss the ball to Partner B who performs the same action


Repeat this back and forth as many times as you can in one minute for one round. Complete 3 rounds, with a minute rest between.

Leg Throws


  • Partner A starts by lying on the ground, holding the ankles of Partner B who is standing above their head
  • Partner A lifts their extended legs off the floor, up towards the ceiling and then reaches back towards Partner B, maintaining straight legs that are pressed in towards each other
  • Partner B grabs the rising feet of Partner A and ‘throws’ them towards the ground, either straight ahead or in an angle (mixing it up helps keep the movement dynamic)
  • Partner A reacts by engaging their abs to decelerate the throw before their heels touch the ground. Using their core muscles, raise the legs back towards Partner A


Repeat 15 to 30 times and then switch.

Flexibility Ideas


Stretching can be a bit boring, and we often rush through it at the beginning or end of a workout. But having a buddy on board helps you to go deeper and can make these stretches more effective.

Forward Stretch

  • Start in a seated position facing each other, with legs outstretched and feet touching
  • Reach slightly forward and grasp each other’s hands
  • Partner A continues folding into a forward stretch while Partner B gently pulls on their arms to come deeper into the posture


After holding for 30 seconds to a one minute, switch roles.

Seated Twist


  • Start by sitting cross-legged, back to back
  • With a deep breath in, Partner A exhales and twists to the right, reaching their right arm behind to hold onto Partner B’s left knee
  • Partner A also uses their left hand to brace onto their right knee, coming deeper into the twist
  • Partner B does the same move simultaneously, together creating a deep and supported double twist


Hold the pose for several breaths, return to centre and switch twisting directions.

There are so many great workout activities that can be made that much better by doing them with a fitness buddy. Try getting into that team mindset by pacing each other on runs or taking regular cross-country cycle trips together. Keep track of your workouts and establish a social routine that revolves around your sweat sessions. Or try out a sport designed for pairs, like acro-yoga or martial sparring.

Know your personal limits and always communicate openly with each other and you’ll be sure to get the most out of these simple exercises. Have fun!

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