April 19, 2024


April 19, 2024

Beyond Labels is a pure team effort. The classic monochrome bags bring an elevated twist to every outfit without putting a label on the look. Lisa Huber, Teamhead of PLM Accessories, shares that the impactful designs are easy to wear and style, while underlining the collection’s meaning of going beyond the societal boxes we face.

Gen Z is probably the most diverse generation yet when it comes to gender norms and values like individuality and inclusivity. This idea is reflected in our accessories. They are naturally without gender and sizes and act as an emblem of fluidity.

Vanessa Boeck, Manager BU Marketing Accessories

Why Beyond Labels (BL)? How did this idea come to life?

Vanessa: I think PUMA has a strong natural connection to diversity and inclusion. In the Accessories BU, we embrace this with different initiatives and collections that speak to everyone. It is not only about creating a cool new product, but to send out a message of what PUMA stands for. I remember in the beginning of this collection process there were so many ideas since we are a big group from different backgrounds and experiences. Having this triangle situation of design, product line management (PLM) and marketing brought different points of view to our project, ultimately resulting in BL.


Lisa: It’s all connected. This exciting project is such a great example of teamwork. We collaborated closely with design, PLM and marketing. From the business side we aimed to create an impactful new collection within the Prime range. We really tried to connect with the consumer on an emotional level with something completely new but still have a recognisable PUMA product.

Just like we see in a lot of trends, the lines between men’s and women’s fashion have become more and more blurred. Gen Z is probably the most diverse generation yet when it comes to gender norms and values like individuality and inclusivity. This idea is reflected in our accessories. They are naturally without gender and sizes and act as an emblem of fluidity. Ultimately, the idea was born through the desire to want to create something for everyone without limitations.

What came first, the idea or the product?

Lisa: The idea came first, but we didn’t want to push aside the goal to create a recognisable accessories range. It definitely took some time to combine the goal with our ideas, but when we did, it all came together so seamlessly.

How did your experiences at PUMA influence the creation of this collection?

Lisa: We really wanted to bring the culture that we have within PUMA to the consumer. We are very inclusive, diverse and openminded and this mentality creates an environment where it is easy to be yourself. We wanted to share this experience in a product that anyone can make their own. Our goal was to spread the message that people can be themselves and play with their styles without being placed in a box, just like we can here at PUMA.

What inspired the choice of models and the visual language you decided on when creating the campaign for Beyond Labels?

Vanessa: When working on the creative, we were very inspired by gender fluidity and the idea of letting a person decide who they are and not have a label placed on them. We chose a very diverse cast whose identity may not be apparent at first glance. Our goal was to keep the individuals in the background and really let the bags stand out almost like painting a blank canvas for consumers to be inspired by. Speaking of painting, our work with artist Thomas Lelu was also very important. He helped us further push this idea of individuality with layering the visuals with his recognizable quotes.

We created these statements for our consumers to use via Instagram by using the filters in their Instagram story. This way can interact with the brand but also with Thomas as an artist while feeling like being a part of this initiative.

Vanessa Boeck, Manager BU Marketing Accessories

How did you go about designing this collection while also keeping in mind the intention to make something that is for everyone?

Mickael: When designing the collection, it was crucial to come up with something that consumers can connect with, both through its DNA and the color palette. We made sure to involve a diverse group of people during the entire process, from start to finish. This allowed for a wider spectrum of perspectives and profiles to be considered. This range also involved meticulous attention to details, such as the curvature of the corners to bring in a balance within the design and product.

How is this product concept different from other accessory lines that we already have?

Mickael: We prioritized clean lines and precise stitching, resulting in a refined finish that sets us apart. Our bold use of a full tonal color story required careful coordination across all components because the colors may end up looking off, depending on the material used. Because of this, it was very important that we worked closely with manufacturers to ensure the best results. We also designed this collection with the desire for it to be a constant at PUMA. By offering seasonal color drops and variations, we want to make Beyond Labels a staple collection.

Which role did sustainability play in the design and manufacturing for BL?

Mickael: In today’s world, sustainability is not merely an option. With increasing awareness of climate change, its essential for us as a sportswear brand to integrate sustainability into our production processes. The Beyond Labels collection, dedicated to a wider audience, particularly underscores the necessity of sustainable practices. We prioritize sustainability through materials, color consolidation, as well as the shipments of samples and so on. With this collection, we leave no other option but to be sustainable. I am really happy with this achievement, as it aligns with the values and concerns, we not only have as a brand, but also our consumers share.


What do you see in the future for Beyond Labels? 

Mickael: Keep an eye on this collection because we will do seasonal drops over the next years, but we will have those styles to slowly pop up in partnership collections and collaborations. Make sure to stay up to date with the accessories team because we plan crazy stuff that everyone will hopefully be excited to see.


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