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Welcoming Harsh Saini and Roland Krüger to PUMA’s Supervisory Board

May 27, 2024

Welcoming Harsh Saini and Roland Krüger to PUMA’s Supervisory Board

May 27, 2024

In a momentous decision, the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of PUMA SE last week has elected two remarkable individuals to join our ranks. Harsh Saini and Roland Krüger now stand as independent members of our esteemed Supervisory Board. Their appointment follows the departure of our long-serving board member, Thore Ohlsson, who leaves behind a legacy of dedication and strategic insight. As the sun sets on one era, it rises on another—an exciting new chapter for our company.

With the addition of Harsh and Roland, the Supervisory Board now comprises seven members, up from the previous six. This expansion ensures a broader range of perspectives, expertise, and strategic guidance for PUMA’s future endeavors.


Meet the New Members


Harsh Saini brings a wealth of experience in sustainability. She has previously worked with renowned brands such as The Body Shop, Nike, and the Fung Group. Her expertise lies in implementing global sustainability strategies and shaping ethical practices, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility. With her passion for sustainability, Harsh is poised to contribute significantly to PUMA’s commitment to responsible business practices. She was born in India and completed her entire education in the UK. After graduating, she lived and worked in various parts of the world in the consumer goods industry for almost 30 years.

I believe that strong corporate governance is the bedrock for sustainable growth and long-term value creation.“, Harsh said.

Harsh also gave very personal insights about her motivation: “As a 10-year-old I travelled to the Netherlands on a school trip, and watched Ajax play Feyenoord. It was the most exciting moment of my life – up till then – and I became hooked on the Beautiful Game.” When Harsh returned home, she campaigned to start a girls’ football team at her school, and her circle of friends expanded almost overnight. Over the next few years, they added football to the school sports curriculum. Harsh learned that it is worth fighting for something you believe in. All thanks to a sport that was not “allowed” for girls at the time. Sport gave her courage, strength, health and more friends. During her professional career, she had already worked for another sports company, so she already had many contacts in the industry. “My affinity with sport was justified as I saw how sport is a powership changemaker. Our industry and company go through many difficult challenges; but there are not many companies out there that make us want to come in every day and overcome those challenges. We are inspired by our superhero athletes, our colleagues, and the sports we love. For me, PUMA has always embodied this special positive spirit.”


Roland Krüger is a seasoned expert in retail management, marketing, and digitalization. Currently serving on the Board of Directors at Dyson Holdings, Roland was previously the Global CEO of Dyson, a technology company known for designing and manufacturing household appliances. His leadership positions in the automotive sector further enhance his diverse skill set. Roland’s insights will undoubtedly bolster PUMA’s digital transformation and customer-centric approach. Roland or is originally from Munich but lived and worked in a number of countries including, the US, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and at the moment, Singapore.

At the Annual Shareholder Meeting, Roland said: “I am a dedicated runner – I love sports and I love to take myself to the limits and beyond. So I can relate to the values of this brand – I believe PUMA has a great future.” To give you a better idea: Roland was the first German to reach the South Pole solo. Back then, he used a break of several months before starting a new job to hike on skis from the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole in 49 days. He covered a march through the ice and 920 kilometers. Roland did this without the help of sled dogs or food deliveries on his tour. He carried 130 kilograms of supplies on his sled himself.

At the Shareholder Meeting he continued: “What I believe in is that creativity and innovation is THE opportunity that can be seized by focus and perseverance. By a diverse team that is able to think ahead, think different – and makes a difference. For me, the main points for a Supervisory Board membership is to ensure that a strict governance is in place, that the strategy is cohesive and the succession plan is strong. That will ensure the executive team can create long term shareholder value and stakeholder value alike – and that is the goal.


Welcome On Board, Harsh and Roland!


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