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February 10, 2021


February 10, 2021

PUMA has made it onto the Forbes list of America’s Best Employers in 2021. This is the third time for PUMA to be given this prestigious award. We asked some of our employees in the USA about their experiences

Last year has been tough for employees and companies alike. The pandemic also hit the United States of America hard, but we stuck together as a PUMA family. This was now recognised in an independent survey presented by Forbes and Statista Inc. More than 50.000 American employees were asked to give direct and indirect recommendations. Would you recommend PUMA to your friends and family? We are more than pleased with the result. For the third time, PUMA made it to the list and ranks #73 this year.

To be rewarded as one of Americas Best Employers is a big honor for us. I want to thank all our employees for their engagement, contributions and relentless effort to make PUMA a great place to work. We will continue to strive to be a creative, diverse and inclusive workplace where all our employees can develop and find their personal career opportunities.

Alicia Austin, Vice President People & Organization @PUMA North America

You can view the entire list of America’s Best Employers here.


We asked PUMAs from the Boston and Westford offices, and retail stores: “What makes PUMA one of America‘s Best Employers?”

Rhonda Gueruela

Retail Store Manager

I have been with the company for almost a decade now and woven in and out of my history here are some jobs at other retailers. At the risk of sounding a bit boastful, I will say that many have attempted to pry me away, but time and time again they have failed. There is one thing that PUMA offers me that other retailers just can’t seem to get right – that special thing is humanity. Here at PUMA I genuinely feel valued as a person and not just as a number. It’s the authenticity that each player brings to the team that makes PUMA a home and not just a hotel, for me and many others like me. However, whether you’re here a decade or a day, I think it’s safe to say that you will enjoy your stay at this company.

Daniel Rassoul

Assistant Manager, Merchandising

Moving to a new city during a pandemic is never easy, but the culture I felt here from my first day at PUMA has been nothing short of amazing. From direct team members to higher level leadership, you can count on everyone here to encourage you to be better each day, cultivating a certain energy that follows you into your work and beyond. I think the most important justification to PUMA being named America’s Best Employer in 2021 is knowing that working hard doesn’t mean sacrificing having fun, and my experience here is proof those things can wonderfully coexist.

Giovanny Genao

Southeast District Manager

At PUMA we are more than employees working towards a common goal, we are a family and support each other to do it better every single day. I know that everyone has the company’s best interest as well as the best interest for everyone on the team. PUMA believes and invests in their staff, giving us the tools and support we need to do our jobs to the best of our ability and also opportunity to advance our career. At PUMA, open communication is encouraged and valued. Here, everyone can have a positive impact on our company from a full-time employee to a team member working a few hours in our stores. PUMA promotes an environment where you can find joy in the work that you do. Work life balance is not just a saying at PUMA, we go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has time dedicated to their individual home needs.

Bethany Moore

Manager, IT Business Analysis

PUMA has always been there for me on a personal and professional level. In my thirteen years with the company, they not only believed in me and my abilities but created an environment to grow and develop into the person I am today. PUMA continuously gives back to their employees helping them succeed in their careers and in life. They create a space to encourage and challenge you to be the best you can be. It also helps working with the best people out there.

It takes dedication to not only their employees, but in the promise that PUMA’s core values are practiced and embraced. Being able to be brave, confident, determined, and joyful in our work really sets PUMA above the rest.

Carly Johnston

Manager, Commercial Marketing

In my opinion PUMA is one of America’s Best Employers because they have demonstrated a strong focus on individual employees in terms of work/life balance, growth, and training. Through-out the pandemic PUMA has put an emphasis on the importance of work/life balance. Whether it’s the continued work from home plans, suggested meeting timing, along with flexible work schedules. It has been my experience that professional growth and the tools to help employees are important to PUMA. From virtual trainings (at one time on-site), to access to e-learning modules on any topic desired, PUMA is very transparent about their plans for employee development. All of these reasons make PUMA a great place to work and an excellent employer.

Melina Avery

Technical Developer, RCC Apparel

Professionally, PUMA is one of America’s best employers because they allow employees to think and step outside of the box. We all have our clearly defined roles within the company, but at PUMA there are opportunities to collaborate across teams, and to make the role your own. Ideas are heard, and we are given opportunities to put new ideas into action. I have also experienced the opportunity to work on a wide variety of teams, gaining experience in multiple areas.

Personally, I love working at PUMA because it feels like family.

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