“Finding the right moment
to strike is important”


July 12, 2022


July 12, 2022

Padel meets chess. We have asked professional padel player Jerónimo Momo González and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen about the importance of staying focused in their respective sports. And what do padel tennis and chess have in common? Find out and watch the video interview with the two PUMA ambassadors. 

The little secret to play well, is to play calmly and to avoid mistakes that push you down”, says Momo. For Magnus it is the same thing in chess: “When you make a mistake, you make another, then another and then you calm down. But then it’s too late. I try to stay focused and never become too emotional.”   

For Momo Chess and Padel has some other similarities: “Padel is not just hitting a ball hard and winning the point. In the end, you are always looking for the rival’s weak points, that the next ball comes a little bit more comfortable for you.” And Magnus adds: “Controlling the right areas and positioning yourself correctly are also similarities. But, most of all, finding the right moment to strike is important.”  

Both PUMA Ambassadors share their points of view on the social factor of Padel: “I think Padel is a very social sport. Four friends can get together to have a good time, to enjoy themselves. That’s something that not all sports have”, Momo says. And Magnus thinks that too: “I played some squash and some tennis before, but Padel just feels a bit more social. I started playing this year as an amateur and many of my friends also found it fun and enjoyable.” 


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