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PUMA Accessories Hosts In-House "ALL CAPS" Event to Talk Culture, Community and Personal Style

November 24, 2022

PUMA Accessories Hosts In-House "ALL CAPS" Event to Talk Culture, Community and Personal Style

November 24, 2022

PUMA Accessories organised an in-house “ALL CAPS” event, covering everything caps and culture with sneaker and lifestyle influencers. 🧢 Alongside a panel talk on local culture, community and creativity, the event also included an Archive bridge tour and a focus group in our showroom. 

Earlier this month, we welcomed a group of opinion leading lifestyle and sneaker influencers to our HQ to experience our brand, values and heritage. To share their knowledge with our PUMAs, the accessories team held a panel talk led by Upscale Vandal to discuss how culture impacts style and how it fuels creativity and sense of community. The influencers Sally Javadi, Quang Binh Nguyen, Kamil “Baks” Tomaszewski, Róbert Kjartansson, Oliver Bromfield and Michael Camargo all come from different backgrounds, different cultures and have different styles, making the panel talk all the richer!

The influencers had the opportunity to get to know PUMA from the inside out through a personal and guided bridge tour with Helmut Fischer, giving them behind the scenes stories about our past and present ambassadors. Our Accessories team organised a showroom experience and spoke with the influencers about their stylistic choices, specifically how they wear products and how accessories help them express their individuality and identity. Hear from the influencers themselves below!

"Ideas are nothing without execution, so for Hometown Heroes, the first ever PUMA headwear franchise, we worked together with the Accessories team to create a culture and a community around this project."

Upscale Vandal

"How do I choose my outfit? Depends on what I want to showcase. If I have new sneakers or new pants and I want to show them, I start from them and then I decide the rest of the outfit. But it is all about the details; it is crucial having a piece, an accessory, that shows your personality.”

Sally Javadi

“In my work I don’t use clothes or accessories just because of the brands I collaborate with. I’ll pay attention to graphics, textures, details, trend pieces, that can match and evaluate my outfits, so it has
been amazing understanding what goes behind the scenes at PUMA in developing the right headwear and accessories for every look.”

Oliver Bromfield

There was also an ALL CAPS party afterwards! The canteen was decked out with carpets, coffee tables and cool lights to create a chill out lounge. To top it off there was delicious Tex-Mex food for all to enjoy as well as drinks! Our PUMA colleague Jonas Campelo Bounouhi – assistant store manager but also known as Babyboi J – put on a live performance for everyone with his original songs in three languages: German, English and Spanish. 



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