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PUMA´s new beanie campaign "A hat for every head"

October 14, 2021

PUMA´s new beanie campaign "A hat for every head"

October 14, 2021

PUMA employees are fun, diverse and unique. Just like our headwear! A beanie is one of those accessories that looks good on anyone. That’s beautiful, if you ask us. Diversity and Inclusion are key components in our working culture and is expressed in our employer value BE YOU.To show this, we feature our very own employees in the new beanie collection. Each member of the PUMA Fam is different and brings something amazing to the team no matter their backgrounds. Only thing in common? They all look really good in a beanie. Don´t you think? Take a look yourself!

They rock the beanie! Check out the campaign lookbook which features 21 PUMAs and captures their uniqueness in a quirky, colorful portrait. During the photoshoot we asked some of the models and crew what diversity means to them. Learn more! Because YOU are what makes PUMA special.

Joshua rocking the Basketball Classic Cuff Beanie

Sara wears the ARCHIVE Heather Beanie

Diversity means including anyone regardless of their heritage, shape, color, religion, sexuality, background.

Taylar Herman, Junior Manager BU Marketing Sportstyle

Elena presents the PUMA Classic Cuff Beanie

Hernan rocking the PRIME Rib Fisherman

Gregory and his CORE Fisherman Beanie


Diversity for me means celebrating that we are all special and unique in our very different ways. The idea that we can all work together, be together, be friends, be colleagues and just interact with each other in different ways and respect each other’s opinions - that’s diversity for me.

Oana Leonte, Teamhead BU Marketing Accessories

Katharina shows us the Trend Beanie

Tung reveals the Archive Heather Beanie

James puts the spotlight on the ARCHIVE Heather Beanie

Polina and her Pom Beanie

Diversity for me means that everyone is represented - also advertisements & movies for instance, they need to be diverse.

Valentina Sabi, Manager BU Marketing Sportstyle

Jalen wears the Trend Beanie

Simone presents the MAPF1 Beanie

Juliana put on the Infuse High Top Beanie

Rafael reveals the Prime Rib Fisherman

Diversity is accepting yourself and accepting the others. Treat the others and interact with the others like you want to be treated or interacted with.

Rafael Nespereira, Senior Manager Product Marketing Sportstyle

Adrian presents the Active Slouchy Cuffless Beanie

Lien rocking the PUMA Classic Cuff Beanie

Taylor wears the ARCHIVE Heather Beanie

Rami and his ARCHIVE Heather Beanie

Jeanne reveals the Pom Beanie

A perfect match! Valentina and her ARCHIVE Heather Beanie


The new PUMA Beanie Collection is available now.

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