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One PUMA designer thinks outside the box, inside her own house

March 20, 2020

One PUMA designer thinks outside the box, inside her own house

March 20, 2020

We’ve all heard enough of the “C-Word” (we mean Corona… and not the beer). No matter where you are in the world, you’ve somehow been affected by the virus which-shall-not-be-named. And here in Germany, the entire country is pretty much on quarantine for a couple weeks. But being able to continue working, in spite of the challenges, helps us to keep a sense of normalcy and stay forward-facing. According to PUMA Project Manager and Designer Baljinder Miles, known to friends and colleagues as Bowie, with an innovative mindset and a little creativity, you can rock home office in four easy steps.

  1. Carefully curate two environments: Yours, and if you have kids around, the environment of your kids. What do you need quick access to and what will help you to concentrate most/best?  What should the kids have quick access to, and what should be locked up?
    BOWIE’S KID-PROOF STAY-AT-HOME TOOL BOX: Cake mixes. A jar with both fun and not-so-fun “to-do’s” (aka chores). Homework (for kindergarten kids this could be shoe-tying or counting/alphabet props). Some good books. Learning shows/DVDs for the afternoon.
    Suggestion for older kids/teenagers: Have an indoor gym / rowing machine / treadmill which can be used while watching a favorite TV program.BOWIE’S LOCK-IT-UP LIST: Ban all phones, tablets and TVs until evenings or the weekend. They wouldn’t have access to them if they were at school, why should they now?
  2. Plan, plan, and plan some more: If you have a partner or spouse, split the day up with them. (Or divorced parents can make a schedule with their exes or parents/in-laws, to even things out and prevent burnout). Put the schedule on the wall, so everyone can see it, and get your kids involved in the planning, so they feel some ownership. Make it fun and be sure to include some outdoor activities in the mix!
  3. Stay connected to work, even when you’re remote: Use tools like Microsoft Teams to stay connected with colleagues, employees, and management. If the tool allows it, update your status when you take a lunch break or need to go offline.
  4. Don’t forget your work-life-balance: Once you’ve logged out, turn off your computer and get outside. Get some fresh air and do something fun with your family, pet, or maybe some virtual PUMA Trac pals. Get some exercise and some much-needed endorphins. That helps you stay healthy and gives you energy for the next day!

Innovation isn’t just about products. Sometimes it’s about finding creative, outside of the box solutions for challenges, wherever you are. So put your innovation cap on at home, and make your own prototype of the perfect work station, in spite of the road blocks and challenges you might be confronted with. We’re all together in this. Onward march!

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