Meet Elizabeth Rock, marketer, marathoner and face of our International Women’s Day campaign

March 22, 2024

Meet Elizabeth Rock, marketer, marathoner and face of our International Women’s Day campaign

March 22, 2024

Meet Liz Rock, a marketing manager at PUMA, a marathon runner, a community leader. Liz lives and breathes running, embodies “FOREVER. YOU.” authentically and is one of our faces of this year’s International Women’s Day campaign. Delve into the life of Liz and get to know her 9 – 5 at PUMA as well as her 5 – 9 where she’s paving the way for more women in running – one step at a time.

Liz’ day starts at around 6 o’clock to get ready to work. She joined PUMA almost two years ago and works as a marketing manager for Run/Train in our Boston office. Outside the office, Liz is a dedicated runner, currently training for the Boston Marathon with a regimen of about 30 miles a week.

Her story is one of transformation, community building, and the relentless pursuit of personal wellbeing. Her passion for fitness stemmed from her own health/wellness journey about seven years ago, when she started running for weight-loss. Ever since, she ran numerous races and completed a century ride.


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Her commitment to running is more than a personal challenge; Liz is an advocate for Women, a Community Leader, and Organizer. Six years ago, she started The Bra Run with a friend; a race where women run in their sports bras to promote body acceptance. Two years later, she co-founded the TrailblazHERs Run Co., an all-women’s running community where they foster an empowering environment where every member can find strength and support.


“It’s not only about how many miles you can log but are you good sis?! That is why TrailblazHers takes a holistic approach to serving their community by pairing up their runs/walks with a self-care or feel-good activity. Our vibes are unmatched!”

Liz’s passion for fitness extends beyond the track. She loves group fitness and weightlifting, and enjoys the visible progress.

“Week after week, month after month you’re putting more plates on the barbell, and you are seeing your mileage increase.”

When it comes to workout apparel, her motto is simple yet profound: she doesn’t want to think about it; she wants to feel good in it. That’s what she loves about the new Shapeluxe collection, that the pieces move with you seamlessly, no matter what the day looks like.

“FOREVER. YOU. means centering yourself and being as authentically you as possible. I’m going to have my funky glasses on, my hoops on, my braids, forever. This is what you’re getting.”

Liz Rock is not just a face of our International Women’s Day Campaign; she’s dedicated to empowering others, inspiring women to embrace their true selves. Liz Rock embodies the spirit of “FOREVER. YOU.” in every stride she takes.

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