Meet Janina Nagel and her story about Authenticity, Fitness and Representation

March 14, 2024

Meet Janina Nagel and her story about Authenticity, Fitness and Representation

March 14, 2024

Janina Nagel, PUMA ambassador and fitness content creator and activist from Berlin, is the german voice that echoes through Instagram with a message of authenticity and representation. She describes herself as the friend you need in your life and has become a beacon of inspiration for many as her journey is not just about physical strength but also about inclusion and raises awareness about discrimination. Meet Janina, one of our four faces to celebrate this years International Women’s Day!

For every woman. For every workout. For every daily routine. FOREVER. YOU. This month, we celebrate women like Janina who defy expectations, control their own narratives, and reject the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Janina’s day begins with the sunrise, as she embraces the morning with stretching and workout routines. By 8 o’clock, she transitions from the athlete to the professional, working in her full-time role at a health insurance company. Yet, her passion for fitness never wanes, as she dedicates her spare time to content creation, focusing on fitness and well-being.


“Being authentic is the biggest goal I have for myself,”

Janina tells in her campaign video.

This philosophy is deeply rooted in her personal experiences. Growing up without feeling represented, she now strives to be the representation she once sought. She declares “Representation Matters” as her motto in life, but also as her commitment to stand up for inclusivity and diversity and raise awareness about discrimmination and disabilities.

“I hope that somebody sees like ‘this girl is representing our community.’”

Janina Nagel


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FOREVER. YOU. means being authentically yourself and doing things your own way. Janina’s choice of training outfits reflects her confidence and pride in her achievements. She loves to wear tights and sports bras for her workouts, not just for comfort but to celebrate her hard-earned physique. She’s proud of her abs and loves to show them!

“I like PUMA Shapeluxe because the material is so soft!”

explains Janina.

FOREVER. YOU. reflects Janina’s journey, her declaration of self-loyalty and her unwavering stance against conforming to societal pressures. She personifies FOREVER. YOU. by living unapologetically, championing individuality in life and sports.

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