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PUMA x Modibodi's "The Change Room"

August 14, 2023

PUMA x Modibodi's "The Change Room"

August 14, 2023

We partnered with Modibodi for an empowering initiative to break the cycle of girls skipping sports during their periods. For this event, we invited women and girls to stay in sport by swapping their white or light-coloured sports uniform for a FREE pair PUMA x Modibodi’s leak-proof active shorts and PUMA women’s fit football boots. Read on!

3 in 5 girls skip sport on their period due to the fear of leaking in uncomfortable, outdated uniforms. PUMA and Modibodi believe it’s time this changed. We believe that if you’re going to take on the game on your period, you need the right kit to do it.

Introducing The Change Room

The change room is a digital and real-life space, where girls and women were encouraged to swap their white or light-coloured sports uniform for a free pair PUMA x Modibodi’s leak-proof active shorts. This event welcomed athletes of all levels, emphasizing inclusivity and support, especially during menstrual periods. From July 15th to 16th, women and girls gathered in a real-life activation at the heart of Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall. After booking their slots in advance, the participants were able to take home a brand-new set of PUMA x Modibodi 2-in-1 leak-proof active shorts. Moreover, they had the opportunity to trade in their old football boots for PUMA’s special women’s fit football boots.

A total of 150 pairs of women’s fit football boots and 127 pairs of PUMA x Modibodi’s leak-proof active shorts have been swapped at our Change Room activation!

“Together with Modibodi, we envision a world where barriers to women in sport no longer exist. The Change Room is one step toward that, where athletes can leave behind outdated uniforms and football boots for ones that are best suited to their performance.”

Maria Valdes, Chief Product Officer at PUMA.

In conjunction with the physical event, a digital counterpart was launched on the same day and extended the opportunity to swap to people around the world. The first 300 participants who uploaded pictures of themselves donning white or light-colored sports uniforms received complimentary PUMA x Modibodi leak-proof shorts.

“Our new PUMA x Modibodi 2-in-1 Active Shorts are the leak-proof solution to white sports uniforms. Designed to be so absorbent, you’ll forget all about your period while you move, jump, kick and sweat. This Mod-Heavy style can hold 2-3 tampons, without looking or feeling bulky. Innovative, breathable and with a fast drying lining these shorts look and feel just like your regular training gear,”

Charissa Lanham, Modibodi Design and Innovation Director.

At PUMA we believe that everybody who want’s to play should do so in comfort.

We will continue to champion change, on the field and off it, as we pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering future with equipment that is best suited to performance.

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