January 25, 2024


January 25, 2024

WNBA icon and PUMA Athlete, Breanna “Stewie” Stewart, stopped by our Herzo HQ to join our Line Freeze Meeting where she unveiled the newest addition to her signature shoe line. CATch Up had the pleasure to sit down with Stewie for a chat about her stellar career, the creative process behind her next basketball shoe drop, and her anticipation for the upcoming Olympics. Don’t miss out – read the full story for all the details! 🏀👟


You were invited to our Line Freeze Meeting, where the whole PUMA Family meets to discuss the future. Is this your first visit to our Herzo HQ? What’s your impression so far?

Stewie: Yes, this is my first visit and it’s been cool so far. We arrived last night and explored the campus for a bit – but it was dark, and we couldn’t see that much. This morning, everything made more sense. We had a bridge tour and learned about PUMA’s history, explored the cafeteria and conference rooms. We’ll see more of it later, and will go shopping – everyone loves shopping!

You presented in the opening-session at our Line Freeze Meeting. Can you share some insights into your experience? What was the highlight for you?

Stewie: Being in the Line Freeze was really cool, although talking in front of a big crowd always makes me a bit nervous. Being part of the PUMA Hoops skit and sharing what’s coming in SS25 with a sneak peek on Stewie 4 was a unique experience. I think it hasn’t happened often that athletes present their signature shoes in person at the Line Freeze, so that was pretty cool.

You were named WNBAs MVP  –in 2018 and for a second time last year – a tremendous accomplishment, congratulations! Looking back, what does this award mean to you, and how has it influenced your game?

Stewie: Winning MVP last season was a huge honour for me. A lot has happened since 2018, my third year in the league. Fast-forward to 2024, I’ve overcome a major Achilles injury, got married, started a family with kids… What makes me most proud is looking back at this journey and staying great despite challenges. Sharing it with Marta and Ruby was special, and even though Theo was still inside Marta’s stomach, he was there in spirit.

You have been collaborating with PUMA since 2022 and have designed your own PUMA Signature basketball shoe. Can you walk us through the creative process and how personal elements were incorporated into the designs?

Stewie: Being part of the signature shoe process from the start was overwhelming at first because you just don’t know what all goes into it until you’re part of it. But working with PUMA, I feel like you guys helped bring my vision to life. The details, like the scars on the Stewie 1 representing my Achilles injuries or the two symbolising forces of nature and including Ruby, were important. Now with the three and the fourth line, it’s incredible. I feel like with PUMA, we’re navigating uncharted territory and continuing to be great.

The Stewie 2 - Fire

What aspects were crucial for you when designing your signature shoe and collection, and how do you balance fashion with functionality in athletic wear?

Stewie: For the shoe, I wanted it to be low. I wanted it to not touch my scar. I want to be able to be the versatile player that I am and have flexibility in everything that I do. I want a shoe where I can be my best, and anyone else who wears it will also be able to play their game. On the apparel side, I want it to be comfortable, casual and versatile – something you can dress up or down in any setting. And I’m really excited for my cardigan!


So…when is the cardigan coming?

Stewie: With the Stewie 3 collection this spring – stay tuned 😉


Alright, let’s talk about the Stewie 3! What inspired the design, and what unique features do you think will set it apart from other basketball shoes?

Stewie: The design goal was to showcase my journey through flowers. In general, the Stewie 3 is dedicated to women’s basketball players working from dusk till dawn.

Which shoe do you wear on the court and why ? Which PUMAs are your favourites off court?

Stewie: Currently, I’m wearing the 2 on the court. During the season, it’s been the Syracuse PE because it’s bright orange, it pops. But I’ve been switching between that, and my Stewie 2 Ruby shoe. And I’ve also been testing the Stewie 3 as well – I’m most excited about the 3! I mean, I love the 1 and 2, and they mean a lot, but now being able to continue with the third, I am really excited for the innovation behind it and literally all the designs within! My favourite PUMA off court is the Suede I’d say. I’m a suede person, but I’m also starting to incorporate the Palermo a lot more. I love these shoes because of the versatile colours and options. They go with sweats, jeans, or when I want to look nice. Plus, they’re perfect for quick dog walks in the morning – I’m all about that multi-functionality!


With the Olympics in Paris on the horizon, how are you preparing mentally and physically for the event, and what are your expectations for the upcoming competition?

Stewie: I’m really excited for the Paris Olympics! It will be my third time. Each has been special, but Tokyo during the pandemic was tough. So, I’m excited to enjoy Paris with friends and family and go for that gold medal again!

Stewie & Ruby

The Stewie 2 - Ruby

Will you bring your whole family to Paris?

Stewie: Yes! My whole crew is coming and hopefully some of my extended family too. I want all my grandparents to come because I think it’s such a big deal. They’ve gone to everything else, so now I want to make sure that they can come to the Olympics, too.

Representing your country on the international stage is a great honour. How does it feel to be part of the Olympic journey?

Stewie: To represent team USA is just an incredible honour. I think there’s nothing better than wearing USA across your chest and playing at the highest level possible. You know, everybody dreams of being at the Olympics and now I will hopefully be going for my third gold medal.

The Stewie 2 - Water

What message do you hope to send to aspiring athletes watching the games?

Stewie: The message I hope to send to aspiring athletes or the next generation, is to continue to find their own path. You know, just because you do something different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. And they should see that there’s many ways to be great.


Thank you so much for your time!

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