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PUMA employees share their thoughts and advice

November 12, 2019

PUMA employees share their thoughts and advice

November 12, 2019

Turn your hobby into a career, find a true balance or establish a team where you feel supported: each PUMA employee has their own, individual understanding of the perfect work-life balance, especially when it comes to the best strategies for managing work and private life.

A balanced ratio between these two lives plays an important role when it comes to creating your personal career journey, because a career is more than salaries and responsibilities. Proportionally speaking, our jobs are a huge part of our lives.

That’s why, in the second part of PUMA’s campaign “Unboxing Your Career” – intended to inspire current and future PUMA employees as they embark upon their personal career journey – our employees share their ideas, tips and insights about work/ life balance. And it turns out there’s more to it than balancing a career and family life:

The perks of working for a sports company

Work-life balance is one major perk of finding a job where you can merge your hobby and profession. “I work in football. The passion I have as a fan and as a player, I’ve been able to invest in my work.” says Gary Dixon, PUMA’s Head of BU Marketing Teamsport. “It’s probably a bit of a grey zone: When I’m working on the brand 9 to 5 in the office, then the weekend and evening fixtures [games/matches] – I’m watching it for fun but I can say it’s for work.”


The importance of balance

Another important strategy for achieving a healthy work-life balance is adopting an after-work hobby which helps you “free” your mind. In periods where we work longer hours It’s even more important to actively take time for yourself afterwards. “I personally produce music, not on a professional level, but I like to do that, and this really helps me to have a completely different mindset when I go home.” says Stefano Favaro, PUMA’s Creative Director Teamsport & Motorsport.


The (sometimes difficult) balance between work and parenthood

Of course managing work and family life is also an integral part of achieving a healthy work-life mix. Juggling parenthood with a career can be tough, but the keyword here is balance. “You need to be present at home, you need to be present at work.” says Oana Leonte, Teamhead BU Marketing Accessories at PUMA. “In terms of work I think it’s really great to rely on your team, having a great team around you, to support you.”

Several studies, such as one conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers, found out that personal development and a work-life balance are more important to the next generation of talented people than financial rewards. PUMA is committed to helping its employees – be it current or future – to find their perfect work-life balance by providing certain tools, such as mobile working, flex time, sports activities and more.

Whether it’s music, sports, or setting up an ideal support network, it’s up to us to find our own, individual, strategies, to help balance our work and private lives.

Get inspired! Find out more about ways to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Or see what other PUMA employees think about topic: or on PUMA Group’s LinkedIn Account:

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