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Get your inner fish on, and while you’re at it, get the PUMA Swimwear Collection

March 16, 2020

Get your inner fish on, and while you’re at it, get the PUMA Swimwear Collection

March 16, 2020

In the underwater world, there are no overweight fish. And cardiovascular issues and diabetes are also unheard of in the average goldfish. Just a coincidence? The swimmers among us would disagree. After all, there are plenty of studies which support the argument that frequent swimming can help prevent a surprising amount of health issues, slowing signs of aging along the way.

When done right, swimming can be loads of fun. But, if we look beyond the fun-factor, the popular sport has five major benefits. It:
1. Helps your body to transport blood to the heart, thanks to the increased water pressure
2. Improves your metabolism, through aerobic activity
3. Strengthens your cardiovascular system and the muscles which support your lungs and breathing (again, thanks to the increase water pressure)
4. Significantly improves mobility, especially post-injury, increase full-body muscle-mass

5. Enhances endurance without taxing the skeleton.

Whether you prefer freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly – every style has its advantages, and with a little discipline and time, each of them can be learned.

But to start off on the right foot, or stroke, it’s super important that you find swim gear that you feel comfortable in. It should be snug enough that it doesn’t slip off when you jump in the water or move quickly, without pinching or constricting movement. And another word to the wise: outsmart your inner Netflix addict by keeping it in a place that’s obvious, and impossible to ignore.


Not sure where to begin searching for swimwear? You can start with the stylish new PUMA Swim Collection.

With this collection, we celebrate the urban pool, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Like the tide, style preferences are constantly changing in swimwear and we believe that we have created a collection to meet the needs of our fashion-conscious consumers.

Jutta Brenneisen, Head of Product at PUMA subsidiary stichd

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