3 golden rules
for sport in
spring and summer

Plus a Playlist to get you started

May 14, 2019

Plus a Playlist to get you started

May 14, 2019

Today’s article is a double threat. First, we want to remind you to stay protected when those first golden rays of spring and summer start to touch your skin. And then we get you started into the brighter part of the year with a cozy little Playlist of our current favourites.

First things first. It’s already May (how did that happen?) and the sun is starting to shine brighter every day. Maybe you are getting back into commuting with your bike or maybe you never quit outdoor sports. Either way summer is coming (take that Stark’s of Winterfell) and you should be protecting yourself accordingly. Here are our three golden rules for sport in spring and summer.

#1: Do we have to say it again?

Without going all grim, we all know about the dangers of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight. So, please just use sunscreen. Especially sport sunscreen, since it is more water- and sweat-resistant. Normal sunscreen just doesn’t do it, if you are really working it. Pro-Tip: most sunscreens and sport sunscreens are only sweat-resistant for 40-80 minutes. Remember to reapply if you are going for that long hike or training for your next marathon.

#2: Protecting yourself and looking good

Don’t forget your sunglasses. Not only can the sun do terrible things to your eyes, you will also look super cool. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun you should even go for special sport or Wrap Around Sunglasses. Yes those Ray Bans look super fly, but protection should be priority number one.

#3: Get a Check-Up

If you spend a lot of time outdoors you should get your skin checked regularly. A -checkup at a dermatologist is done in no time and you will feel better afterwards. Also, as with most cancers, skin cancer and melanomas are so much easier to treat, if they get identified early. Just make an appointment, take care of yourself!

#4: And now for the fun part

It’s not yet summer, so our little playlist will not be filled with all-out-bangers, but rather some cute little tracks, that you might not have heard for a long time or ever. Get ready for a chill and cute “summer is coming”-Playlist!

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