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All eyes on PUMA's employees

March 15, 2019

All eyes on PUMA's employees

March 15, 2019

When it comes to a more gender-balanced world, we have come a long way. Yet there’s still more to be achieved.

We’ve asked six women at PUMA about their female role models and their inspiration for driving gender balance across the world.

Eleanor Wang

Manager Marketing SEA, Singapore

The first woman that pops up is my longtime friend, Jenny Tay. A Friend, A Wife, A Mother, A Funeral Director.

Jenny is never good enough, that’s what she always says. She is never a good enough mother because she wants to spend more time with her child, but can’t. Never a good enough leader because she can’t spend more time with her team and never a good enough friend because she can’t meet us as frequently as she used to in the past; but from how I see it, she has done a great job playing all the different roles, balancing it all well.

This is the reason why she inspires me. No matter how well she is doing, there’s always room to be better. That never-ending spirit of wanting to be better, even if marginally, inspires me, the everyday woman.

Picture Credits: Robert Ashcroft/ PUMA

Caitlin Graves

Coordinator Human Resources, USA

My answer: my younger sister – Maddie

At a young age, my younger sister Maddie started her own photography business from the ground up. She manages all aspects of the business herself, from finance to social media and everything in between. About a month ago, Maddie had the opportunity to take professional headshots at our Boston office – something she would have never imagined doing when she initially started this business.

Through countless hours of communication, travel, editing, and much more, it’s so inspiring to see her excel at something she is incredibly passionate about. Her drive for success makes me want to work that much harder!

Picture Credits: Maddie Graves Photography


Anna Kovaleva

Manager Retail Operation, Russia

There are so many women who inspire me every day: famous ladies with outstanding achievements and regular women. But I can tell about one lady whom I often think about and ponder what she would say about my decisions or actions – it’s my grandmother. She grew up in a small village in Russia, in a family with four children.

She was a teenager during the Second World War. Despite of the war, she had a university education and grew up to be a good wife and mother. She taught me many important things which I use in my daily life: how to bake pies and to trust people, not to avoid difficult tasks and to read many books, to make things better and not to consider myself satisfied with ordinary results, to combine cucumber with honey (if you haven’t tried it, you should – it tastes like watermelon) and to get to know people in a positive way.

She supported all my crazy ideas (an open air concert for local children or a restaurant at home) and never said that I wouldn’t be successful. I spent  a big part of my childhood with her and I know that my courage and my possibility to dream come from this significant person. And every day I try to not let her down.

Gina Pomponi

Assistant Human Resources, USA

The most inspiring woman in my life is my sister-in-law, who is a survivor of domestic violence. Two years ago, she spent 10 months in a coma after a domestic violence incident. Since then, she has been on a long road to recovery and is still regaining her strength to walk again.

Despite the hardships she has experienced, her positive energy and spirit is contagious. She dedicates time to spreading awareness about domestic violence to prevent this from happening to others. She reminds me to look for the good in any situation and truly embodies what it means to have strength and determination

Gigiola Casaretto

Retail Manager, Chile

I don´t have a particular woman who inspires me…I believe that all women are inspiring. No need to mention one in particular. I am inspired by those women who follow their dreams, those who persevere, those who make a mistake and get up again, those who struggle to get what they want in life, those who love themselves.

Life puts us to the test every day and it is up to us to continue being inspiring!

Rocio Gonzalez

Finance Director, Mexico

When asked about the woman who inspires my life and actions, I could only think of my mother. She has not only taught me about the value of work and family, but also about constant motivation and strength.

With the wisdom she has shared with me, I now know that happiness is defined by our own path. We must strive for a better future, try to achieve our dreams, and be the best version of ourselves. Even now, that I am the mother of Romina, I wish to be her inspiration as my mother is for me

Cover Picture Credits: Robert Ashcroft/ PUMA

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