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All eyes on PUMA's employees!

December 14, 2018

All eyes on PUMA's employees!

December 14, 2018

With the Suede En Noir dropping on December 15, 2018, the last Suede birthday edition hits the stores.

PUMA celebrated the Suede’s milestone anniversary with 37 unique iterations throughout 2018. And we’ve said it before: 50 years is an impressive age for a shoe.

But what makes the Suede so special? We’ve asked our PUMA colleagues!

Oya Borhan

Manager Sales Development, Turkey

I think the PUMA Suede is more than a sneaker, its an iconic statement that goes along perfectly day and night. The same silhouette, that carries our history like no other shoe for the last 50 years and still brings the hype. What I like about the Suede is feeling the power of this hype and being inspired by the revolt that the shoe reminds me of. PUMA’s Suede is more than a sneaker, it’s a stance!

Stephanie Blair

Representative Customer Service Key Accounts, USA

The PUMA Suede is such an iconic shoe. When I first started working at PUMA, the most frequent question I was asked by friends and family was, “How many pairs of Suedes do you own?” Everyone knows the Suede, it’s a classic. What I enjoy most is seeing all the ways it has been elevated this year to coincide with the numerous co-labs and partnerships to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Always changing, but forever staying the same. That’s the best part about the Suede. I now own 3 Suede variations, but of course looking forward to expand my collection. Happy Anniversary, PUMA Suede!

Clark Wang

Senior Manager Recruitment & Learning/ Development, China

It all started when I graduated from high school and western culture started to influence our generation. Rap music, hip-hop culture and skateboards were considered to be contemporary. As a rebellious boy, I started to listen to Jay-Z, skateboarded and of course I was wearing oversized clothes with a pair of ‘Suede’.

After a few years, I went to university in the Netherlands where I realized how popular PUMA is. Epecially the motosport shoes were almost everywhere in my town. Young people loved it. I was busy with my assignments and my part-time jobs. I started to pay my own bills, and that rebellious boy was gone. But still, I loved to listen to Jay-Z on my way to school, no more baggy pants but still wearing the ‘Suede’.

Now, even though it has been a decade after my graduation, I still listen to Jay-Z’s album ‘the Blueprint’ on my way to work. I skateboard with my son during the weekends, wearing my favorite ‘Suede’, but this time a 50th-anniversary edition!

Everything changes over time, but luckily one thing doesn’t and that is what I like about the Suede.

David Burdett

Teamhead Merchandising Footwear, UK

Whilst I didn’t grow up wearing PUMAs, I have loved Hip-Hop since I was young. The Suede was always in so many Hip-Hop films and music videos. I will always remember that scene from Beat Street. It was the go to shoe for all the B-Boys and the hip-hop legends of the 80’s and 90’s, from the likes of MC Shan to the Beastie Boys. In today’s modern world, with many new brands and young pretenders, the PUMA Suede is one of no more than four or five sneakers across all brands that can be called truly iconic.


Melissa Tvirbutas

Head of Material and Color Footwear, USA

I love the PUMA Suede. It is for everyone, it strikes the perfect balance of gender neutrality. It is ageless, timeless and nothing short of completely comfortable.

It is casual, humble and yet elegant, boasting iconic lines that are recognizable the world around. The Suede is also the perfect vehicle for color and material, the barometer for which I measure most everything.

MariaJose Massaro

Footwear Merchandiser Women & Kids, Chile and Peru

What I like most about the Suede is that it is a timeless silhouette and has endless options in terms of colors. You can easily move from day to night with a pair of Suede. It’s my go to pair almost every other day and they are just cool. ?

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