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Tips to get you moving again after an injury

June 10, 2019

Tips to get you moving again after an injury

June 10, 2019

Injuries can happen to the best of us. Especially for those who are consistently active, being stalled on the sidelines can be a terribly frustrating experience. Although we can’t go back in time to stop the injury from happening, we can manage how we respond to it. That’s why we have put together a small list of ideas to keep in mind that may ease you along the road to recovery.

Before you start

Get an okay from a professional. Before rushing back into the gym, check in with your doctor, physiotherapist or coach. You might think you’re totally ready to go but pushing too soon can worsen the injury or add unnecessary length to the recovery period.

Start Slow

Rest is crucial for the healing process. If you push through and attempt to jump back into your training right where you left off, you run the risk of further damage and perhaps never properly recovering. When you do have the okay to start back in again, make sure to have patience with yourself and be gentle. Slow and steady is a lot better in the long run.

Rehab yourself

Take the extra time to do the stretches, exercises or massages that you need. Warm up, cool down; even if you’re just managing a small injury, it is incredibly important to do the necessary maintenance so that you can once again reach your full potential. Gentle rehabilitation work will do wonders for regaining range of motion and overall strength.

Get Creative

Take advantage of what you can do and get creative to maintain a state of activity. Cross-training with different sports or techniques will help you to stay fit while you heal. Also, using your recovery period to focus on other areas of training is a great way to stay motivated and in a positive frame of mind.

Listen to your Body

This may be one of the toughest lessons of all, but during the healing process your ego needs to go. Keep the bigger picture in mind, and don’t push yourself overly hard before your injury is fully fixed.

Hear what your body is saying — a little discomfort is alright, but a lot is not. Pain after a work-out is an indication you have pushed yourself too far. Especially at the beginning, moderate your intensity so you feel good during and after your workout.

Stay positive

Yes, it is hard and yes, it is a cliché. But indulging in negative thoughts and wallowing in the injured mentality will knock your motivation down. Set small goals and be proactive on your road to recovery.

Good luck!

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