Our chat with Idiat Shiole

How this young talent is breaking stereotypes in the industry

March 20, 2024

How this young talent is breaking stereotypes in the industry

March 20, 2024

At just 26 years old, Idiat Shiole aka Hadeeart, a talented 3D design artist from Nigeria, has already made waves in the industry. Her path has been one of persistence and creativity, leading her to her current internship here at PUMA. Today she shares with us her triumphs, challenges, and unwavering passion in an ever-growing industry.

Idiat’s journey in 3D design began in 2018, whilst studying medicine in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the accreditation for the course was ceased and so she was asked to reorient herself and find her calling in another course. She decided on food sciences and engineering, but was then placed in the fine and applied arts program. This led her to discover textile design, which she would ultimately major in. Although extremely interesting, Idiat quickly realised that the textiles field was not one that she could see a future in within Nigeria because it is not a large industry within the area.



As one door seemed to close, another opened and Idiat found herself beginning a fashion illustration internship in Lagos, Nigera. As she embarked on her illustration journey, she was continuously faced with the reality of how the world views her. As a young black Muslim woman, she was often underestimated simply for her appearance. Many thought that a modestly dressed woman could never create groundbreaking designs within fashion. Oh boy were they wrong!



When people see me and they see my work, its like two sides of a coin. My works are more traditional and afro-centered. My work has a deeper meaning, I want something people can wear in the virtual and the physical. The second thing I try to have in my work is to show where I come from. To show that there is beauty, there are talents, there are a lot of inspirations in my work from where I come from. I try to preach in my work that you can be whoever you want to be. My virtual avatar for example, I have not seen any virtual avatar that looks like her. She has visible tribal marks, and she is distinct. She’s just me saying, I am one in a million but I can do whatever anyone can do. So its just me using her to kind of speak about myself, but in a different format.

Idiat Shiole, 3D Designer



“Marvelous something”:  After speaking with a friend about future opportunities, she was made aware of something called “Marvelous something”, but he could not remember the second word. She spent countless hours trying to figure out what it was. Finally, she stumbled upon Marvelous Designer, a 3D software used for fashion.

As she looked deeper into the program, she was captured by the movement of the clothes.How are they moving? The pieces seemed to be coming to life. In this moment, Idiat knew that this is what she wanted to do. “Whatever this is, I want to do it” she told us. Idiat went on to spend months teaching herself the ins and outs of the program .

I was courageous enough to follow through the road. I am not telling you its going to be easy. It was not easy to leave my parents and my family to come here and sometimes I break down, but all you have to have in mind is that you are doing this for you.

Idiat Shiole

What advice would you give to women hoping to start a career in digital design? 

Idiat: You have to not care about what people say about you. If you do, it can bring you down and it has a way to play with your mind. I just feel like, once I learn, unlearn and relearn, I just keep adding and am consistent and just keep going at it, because the simple truth is, you are yourself. You know what you want, no one knows what you want. You know how you feel, no one knows how you feel. And you also know what your aims and objectives are. That is really what matters in life.

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