"I run up to
190 km a week"

Interview with PUMA athlete and steeplechase specialist Gesa Krause

April 8, 2021

Interview with PUMA athlete and steeplechase specialist Gesa Krause

April 8, 2021

She won bronze medals in steeplechase at both the 2015 and 2019 World Championships, and represented Germany at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. PUMA athlete Gesa Krause specialises in the 3000 m steeplechase. Now she is in training for the Tokyo Olympics. With CATch Up she talked about her personal goals, training tips and her favorite PUMA running shoe.

Currently I’m doing all my runs in the Velocity.

Gesa Krause

We are so happy you are part of the PUMA family, Gesa. Why did you decide to come to PUMA?

Gesa: Running is a very big part of my life. It´s my job and also a part of me. With PUMA I have a partner by my side that encourages me to develop as an athlete and that supports me to pursue my dreams. Personally, I think it’s an honor to represent a German brand. I also think it’s a great opportunity for me as an athlete and the company to work closely together.

What is your ultimate goal you would like to achieve as an athlete?

Gesa: When I was younger, my biggest goal was to compete at the Olympic Games. I reached that goal twice and while doing so I wanted to be the athlete on the podium. An Olympic medal is my dream and I’m working hard to reach that goal.

How are you involved in the development and review process of new products?

Gesa: I run up to 190 km (118 miles) a week. I think I can give great feedback on the product und may help to develop even better products.

When do you train with our NITRO runners? Do you have a favorite out of the series?

Gesa: I love the shoes. Currently I’m doing all my runs in the Velocity. It´s my go-to shoe for any easy run, long run and strides. Whenever I have a track session coming up I would run in the PUMA Deviate Elite. This shoe is so great and it makes me feel like flying along the track.

Finally, can you give our PUMAs a few training tips? For example, on how to stay injury-free.

Gesa: I think it´s super important to listen to your own body and decide on your personal pace to develop fitness and strength. Following a plan is great, but no one will know you any better than you know yourself. So I think it’s super important to keep asking yourself if you’re fit and healthy enough to log in your training or to rather cross train, see a doctor or physio or take a day off.
I’m also a big ambassador of a healthy lifestyle. I believe that good sleep, hydration, nutrition and rehab habits are essential for performance and health.


Thank you, Gesa!


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