Interview with Henny Reistad
on Handball and the WWC

"I want to help the team achieve our goals and dreams."

December 7, 2023

"I want to help the team achieve our goals and dreams."

December 7, 2023

Our PUMA Athlete and Norwegian Handball player Henny Reistad is preparing for the 26th IHF Women´s Handball World Championship. Read on to learn about Henny´s preparations and her fascinating career, as well as some fun facts on herself!

Get to know Henny in FOREVER.FASTER. Style:

Tik Tok or Instagram?

Henny: Instagram.

Favorite Snack?

Henny: Cinnamon buns.

Cardio or strength traning?

Henny: Strength traning.


Summer or Winter?

Henny: Summer, but I love snow!

Favorite TV Series?

Henny: Masterchef

Cats or dogs?

Henny: Dogs 100%

Your favorite PUMA product? 

Henny: Accelerate handball shoes or the classics!

Henny, you’ve had a remarkable career, winning championships on both national teams and club levels. Can you share a specific moment that stands out as the highlight of your journey so far?

Henny: I actually find it really hard to pick one moment that stands out, because I’ve had so many great experiences with many different teams the last years. And as I am developing as a player and person, every memory feels very special to me. But to give you one, winning the Champions League in 2021 with Vipers for the first time was an incredible experience.

This year, the Women’s World Cup will be held in your country (and Denmark and Sweden). How does that make you feel?

Henny: I’m so excited to be playing in Norway and just to be staying in the country . Hopefully the arenas will be full and then it’s just a dream come true playing for a medal. My focus is to try to enjoy it as much as I can, it can definitely be one of the best memories of my career.

The WWC is just around the corner, how have you been preparing mentally and physically for such a tournament?

Henny: It is a lot to prepare for mentally, because of the high expectations we have for ourselves as a team, and what I have for me as a player. And a lot of the preparations are happening the first week with the team before it starts, so we feel good and have some things to work with in the games. And physically I try to give myself the best conditions by doing a lot of strength training before and during so I will feel good during the whole tournament.

What are the goals you’ve set for yourself for the tournament?

Henny: First of all, I want to help the team achieve our goals and dreams. What I can do to make that possible, is to be efficient when I play and be the best I can.

You are the lead for the Accelerate silo Women’s fit Shoe, what are your favorite features of the shoe? How does it impact your game?

Henny: I really like that it almost feel like you’re not wearing a shoe. They feel light so it helps you move fast and keep contact with the surface, which is really important for me when I play.

In your opinion, how does the shoe serve women’s specific needs?

Henny: What I know for myself is that I have a narrow foot, where I never have experienced any shoes for men that fits right for me. I think that and the lightweight is the biggest differences.

PUMA is known for it’s focus on women’s specific fit’s in sports shoes – what do you foresee female players gaining from more and more specialized footwear?

Henny: For me, the better the shoe is, the less I notice that I’m wearing any, and that’s when I’m the most comfortable at the field. That is also the most important equipment handball players need (and many other sports), so I believe that if the shoe feels better, the performance will be better. It’s obvious that men and women are build differently, and that includes feet and preferences. So the shoes are key!

Thank you so much for your time!

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