Abstract & Adventurous

July 23, 2021

Abstract & Adventurous

July 23, 2021

We have teamed up with iconic designer brand PRONOUNCE for a debut collection that strives for truly global, truly genderless apparel, footwear and accessories. Embracing the essence of adventure, the collection is inspired by the mysterious archeological site Pumapunku. Taking cue from its intricate architecture, PUMAxPRONOUNCE combine ancient inspiration with modern and minimalist design; here are two ways to wear these unique pieces.


The Shoes


The footwear in the collection features some classic PUMA styles like the Suede Mayu, Mirage Sport, and OP-1 PWRFrame, as well as a vintage favourite: the Basket VTG. Within the selection there is a mixture of different textures and materials, all based on a down-to-earth and neutral colour scheme. Vibrant accents of bright orange, abstract geometric patterns and graphic detailing inspired by the ropes, pulleys and clay blocks of the stone temple bring bold and considerate touches to the shoes.


The whole Outfit

The Outfit(s)


The PRONOUNCE duo share a thoughtful aesthetic approach to their creative work, weaving references from different Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies into their fashion designs. Believed to be the seat of global civilization in ancient Incan tradition, Pumapunku now stands as a mysterious remnant composed of a vast complex of stone temples and geometric monuments. Drawing from these elements, the collection features an array of “loose, draping silhouettes in neutral tones that display experimental touches and unconventional styling“.


The two outfits overlap aspects, emphasizing the genderless concept of the collection. In the first look, the long t-shirt in a sandy beige subtly displays graphic details resembling ropes on the back. Pair this effortlessly cool piece with an ultra comfortable sweatpant in a matching tone that flashes geometric motifs on the hips. Top it off with the dusty beige gradient jacket with tech details and utilitarian materials and you have a functional and fashionable look perfect for hitting the great outdoors and/or the streets.


The second look embraces the same long t-shirt in a classy black, making it the star of the show. Used here as more of a dress, with its lightweight woven material it is the perfect breezy item for the final months of summer. Once again coordinated with the rain jacket in a stylish fade, this time transitioning from shades of black to a gorgeous orange hue. The color palette of this collaboration was inspired by the sunset setting over Pumapunku and incorporates these delicious gradients of orange, pebble and muted grey in many of the pieces.


The Accessories


The first look integrates a vivid orange cap from the collection, matching it to the pops of colour in the sneakers and brightening the otherwise more neutral outfit. A mini messenger bag with woven geometric detailing combines with the slightly hidden pattern on the sweatpants and couples with a silver cross chain bracelet that flashes the same symbol. A timeless pair of square frame sunglasses seals the deal.

A black pair of over-the-knee socks gives a playful edge to the second look, while a medallion choker necklace in gold pops off from the darker shades. Combine this shine with an intricately printed silk headscarf in black and gold, wrapping it around your head, neck or tied to your bag for a finishing touch. Speaking of bags: complete the look with the practical contemporary backpack from the collection with those same geometric puff patterns woven in.


The new PUMAxPRONOUNCE collection delivers an array of modern and minimalist looks rooted in ancient inspiration. Building off design cues gathered from Bolivia’s sacred archeological site, Pumapunku, the series showcases construction detailing made fashionable in its abstract and adventurous apparel, footwear and accessories.

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