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Everyday Elegance

November 15, 2021

Everyday Elegance

November 15, 2021

PUMA and the fashion connoisseurs at Maison Kitsuné pair up once again for an urban-chic collection that celebrates the everyday elegance in sport. A characteristically cool Paris-meets-Tokyo flair merges with classic sportstyle heritage in the latest line of footwear, apparel, and accessories. Today we styled items from the line to deliver two effortless and elegant everyday ensembles.

The Shoes

Honouring their Japanese-French heritage, independent brand Maison Kitsuné brings designs inspired by the Japanese streetwear scene and imbued with French elegance and charm. Featured footwear includes PUMA favourite the Suede Crepe ─ in a tan upper, delicate light blue formstrip, and a crepe sole ─ which is used as a base for the first look. The second outfit comfortably incorporates the Mirage Sport, playing with its unique lines, overlays, and creative constructions in a mixture of bright blues.


The first Outfit

The Outfit(s)

Demonstrating a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, this second collection is composed of simple, yet elevated items. Displaying subtle embroidery details (like the cheeky MK fox) and a lighter colour palette, the results are simultaneously uplifting and suave. In addition to a line of chic sweats, the assortment includes a reverse bomber, waterproof poncho, trench coat, and some seriously cozy sweaters.

For the first look, we ran with the versatile and casual cargo pants. Back on-trend, the modern cargo pant gives off a down-to-earth and functional vibe, which can either be maintained or elevated depending on the occasion and the mood. Here we layered them with a crewneck from the series in a delightful shade of blue. Comfortable and casual, but still refined, plus the colour gives an unexpected pop of personality. Overtop comes the reversible bomber jacket from the line. Slightly puffed with diamond stitches, it is an elegant and super stylish piece for the winter.

For the second look, we started with our outer layers and worked inwards. The waterproof poncho from the collection was the outfit’s inspo ─ its bold blue shade captivates and the confident cut of fabric makes a fashion-forward statement. Then a classic black hoodie is your sportstyle staple, comfy and cool. Finally, the pièce de résistance: create a streamlined silhouette with a chic jumpsuit such as this one in matching black and blue. A V-neck bodice lends a flattering structure and the sporty material makes it easy to move about whilst still looking gorgeous.


The second Outfit

The Accessories

Your accessories speak volumes when it comes to cultivating a balance between streetwear and sophistication. For the masculine look, less is more. A good example would be having this subtle gold and onyx ring on hand and a minimal black leather bag running crossbody. Cap it off with a perfect beanie that matches the pants and displays the foxy namesake of Maison Kitsuné and you’re set.

The second look gracefully gives off ‘girl-on-the-go’ vibes. A lowkey black cap with both brand logos keeps the hair out of the face, while understated blue and gold hoop earrings peek out beneath. A lustrous satin tote bag completes the sporty silhouette in an effortlessly extravagant way.


Sharing their passion for all things beautiful, Parisian fashion house Maison Kitsuné cultivates Art de Vivre – or “The Art of Living” – in all that they create. The latest collaboration with PUMA elevates heritage sportswear pieces and streetwise staples with sophistication and a certain Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi. Celebrate elegance in the everyday with PUMA x Maison Kitsuné.

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