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Structure your day in a meaningful way

November 22, 2020

Structure your day in a meaningful way

November 22, 2020

Wake up to an alarm, immediately check your phone, jump in the shower, grab a cup of coffee and race out the door. Sound familiar? In our hectic world, it is easy to get so lost in the hustle and bustle that we end up ignoring our natural yearning for grounding and stability.Amidst the uncertainties of life (especially at the moment), daily rituals help to instil structure, and provide a chance for us to practise discipline. Don’t be mistaken: this is not the same as racing through a routine on autopilot. Rather, rituals offer the opportunity to sink into the present moment and really savour it.

We’ve gathered a list of simple rituals below. Scan through them and see which ones jump out to you—when you have found a few that resonate, try sprinkling them into your daily life and see what happens!

Wake up Slow

When you wake up, slowly become aware of your body. Take 3 deep breathes. Turn your attention to some things around you that spark joy—perhaps the softness of the bed, the light streaming in through the window, or the sound of your partner breathing beside you.

Soak in this warmth and joy. As your mind slowly comes online and the chattering thoughts begin to stream in, just observe them neutrally and start your day.


Make Your Bed

It may seem silly, but by setting such a small task for yourself to complete first thing in the morning, you provide your psyche positive reinforcement through feeling ‘productive’. This feeling carries over into the rest of your day. Take some moments in the morning to declutter and tidy your sleep space and notice the positive effect it has on your headspace.


Learn Something New

Life isn’t about giant leaps, but small and steady steps. By setting the goal to learn something new every day, and carving out a quiet moment to do so, your knowledge and intellectual growth is compounded over time. This ritual may look slightly different for everyone because we all learn differently. Maybe it means reading a book, listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video—whatever works for you, set aside a few minutes every day that are dedicated to learning something new.


Apply Mindfulness at Mealtimes

Two birds with one stone; choose one meal per day and apply mindfulness techniques when you are eating. Mindfulness is basically choosing to be fully present and aware of the moment. It has been shown to help with stress levels, improve wellbeing, and allow us to gain insight into our thought patterns and behaviours. When you sit down to eat, pay attention to what you are about to consume: how it tastes, the texture, the smell, the physical sensations of eating… You may notice you get a lot more pleasure and enjoyment from your meals when you are truly present for them.


Set Aside Time for Concentrated Work

In a world of multi-tasking and infinite distractions, perhaps you would be amazed at what can be accomplished when focusing solely on the task at hand. Experts recommend becoming familiar with your most productive time of day, and then hacking this by ‘locking yourself in’ during this time. This means that for a pre-determined set of time you turn off all distractions and really get down to work.


Work in a Workout

Your body needs to move every day. That is simply what it was designed for. Instead of forcing yourself to exercise and rushing through it like a chore, try carving out some time in your day to really relish the mobility of your body. Pick your favourite activity or rotate through several different ones throughout the week. Movement is key for staying healthy and grounded.


Create a Personal Tea Ceremony

Many cultures around the world have intricate ceremonies that revolve around tea, so there must be something to it! Really though, tea is quite magical—there are so many diverse varieties and herbal mixes that evoke different reactions in the body and mind. Try visiting a loose-leaf tea shop and creating a mix that is perfectly suited to you. Then, in the evenings, take some time to properly treat yourself and make a moment out of brewing this potion and drinking it. Tea soothes our nervous system and delights our senses—a perfect way to end your day.


Evening Reflection

Devote some time to winding down before going to bed. Make sure to minimize screen time a few hours beforehand. Begin your evening ritual by reflecting on the day and practising gratitude—this is an immensely powerful attitude to incorporate into your life. Perhaps try journaling a few pages if you have a lot that needs to be processed.

Then clear your mind with some deep breathing, relax any tension in your body and perhaps set an intention for tomorrow. Immersing yourself in an evening wind-down can help you to end the day calmly and steadily.


The bottom line: The difference between a daily ritual and a boring routine comes down to your perception. Are you engaged in your actions? Do they bring you a sense of joy and meaning? Or are you just going through the motions, rushing through mundane chores to get onto the next thing? By creating small, meaningful customs in your everyday life, you are better able to ground yourself and stay centred, even when things are stressful and hectic.

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