8 Techniques to
relax and find balance

A first aid kit for relieving tension

November 28, 2019

A first aid kit for relieving tension

November 28, 2019

Tension in your body and mind is actually a natural phenomenon. Especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, like in an office. Emotions too tend to accumulate, even good ones and can end up as tension in your body.


Sometimes we may be able to eliminate the external cause of our tension, but often we cannot. Therefore, it is good to have a tool-kit handy, to better deal with stress from within. In the long run, this comes from a change in attitude and inner work which helps to prevent stress and tension from ever accumulating. But it is also good to have certain small techniques to release tension and reduce stress as they (inevitably) appear.

Here are 8 ways for you to address the tension brewing in your body and mind:

1. Relax your muscles


Tune into your body and muscles and become aware of where they are contracted. Unclench and release the tension. Pay special attention to the scalp, jaw and face. Gently return to each of the points causing you trouble and continuously release these tense spots, again and again.

2. Let go of worrying thoughts


Take a moment and become aware of the thoughts that are attached to the growing tension and stress. Are you worrying or obsessing over something that exists only in your mind? Try to detach slightly from these internal cycles of worry to grasp the bigger picture.

3. Laugh!


Laughter is the best medicine. It might sound simplistic, but if you’re super stressed try seeking out something, anything, that will give you the giggles — a comedy, a cat video on YouTube, whatever tickles your funny bone.

4. Go outside


Drop what you are doing and go outside for a walk. Fresh air and movement can do wonders against worrying.

5. Work out


Speaking of movement, a workout is a great remedy for stress-induced tension. Try running, or perhaps a gentle swim or yoga class to communicate to your body that it is safe and can release its clenching. Bunched up muscles are the cause, and result, of tension. Doing gentle physical exercise can help prevent injury. Plus, an endorphin-hit never hurts.

6. Don’t forget self-care


It’s not just a trendy buzzword. It can also be an approach to your body and mind that enables you to live a more fulfilling life. Get a massage and have someone work out the knots in your muscles (before the stress starts to physically change them!). Use heat therapy and take a long hot shower, bath or visit the sauna. These little treats can immensely help relax and relieve muscle pain.

7. Stay hydrated


Maybe it’s not the first thing you think of when you’re stressed out, but studies show a connection between dehydration and muscle tension and spasms.

8. Take deep breaths


Breathing exercises are incredibly powerful to help calm down the anxious mind. When you feel the tension rising, take a moment, find somewhere quiet and take some long, deep belly breaths. This will help to oxygenate your blood, naturally invigorate you and dissolve tension.

Bottom Line:


It probably isn’t possible to avoid tension entirely. Learn to recognize your triggers and find what techniques work best for you so that you can better deal with the issue as it arises. Take care of yourself!

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