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All eyes on PUMA's employees

October 19, 2017

All eyes on PUMA's employees

October 19, 2017

Marie Schlund

Apprentice, Herzogenaurach

If journeys through time were possible, I would go back to the time without mobile phones and internet. I was born in the 90’s, so especially in the last years I have grown up in the time of social media and co. Undoubtedly, there is much to applaud and I would not want to miss it, but sometimes it would be easier to take a time out where we aren’t reachable 24/7 without a guilty conscience.

Mürüvet Onur

Senior QC Inspector Apparel, Turkey

I would like to go back to the time of the Amazon women. I would like to live in a world ruled by women where no children, no human, no animal, and no part of nature is butchered, but valued and cherished. Where the rights of people from all races and walks of life are protected. When people are free, so is fashion.

Emanuel Haselberger

Assistant Purchase EEMEA, Austria

If journeys through time were possible, I would visit the future – around 2100, because I want to know how people have further developed until then. How have they dealt with problems we can´t solve yet? How has the political situation evolved and of course the new possibilities in health care?

I would also be very interested in the future role of sports, especially in badminton since I have played it now for 16 years.

Collin McCullough

Wholesale Business Partner, Canada

If time travels were possible, I would travel back to the 1970s. Music is one of my main hobbies outside of work, and I listen to numerous bands from that particular decade. It would be amazing to go back and attend some live shows from bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan. It would also be cool to go back and see the sneaker culture of the time, including the birth of the “Clyde” during Walt Frazier’s prime playing years.

Elena Khlebnikova

Retail Coordinator, Russia

To tell the truth: I am happy with the present. But if a time machine existed, well, I’d like to travel to France around the 19th and 20th century, when it was the time of Impressionists. I am fond of their way of painting, which showed the real world in all its changeability and variability. Life is a course of small holidays depicted perfectly by Monet, Manet and Renoir. They presented an instant, current mood and light. Impressionists were among the first who started painting en plein air, which helped to show the various colours in the sun rays and atmosphere.

Sometimes we all need just to stop, take a breath and enjoy the moment or maybe take brushes, paint and relax painting at the countryside. Sounds like a good anti-stress therapy.

Ian Gan

Executive GTM Operations, Japan

If journeys through time were possible, I would go to the “Modern Tech Era” which nobody has been to. These days, technology makes our lives more convenient and exciting — smart phones, Nintendo, Instagram, etc. Meanwhile, we have become even busier by spending too much time with these new technologies which means less quality time with our family or friends. I know technology can be very addictive sometimes and it makes us more isolated without noticing. It might take more than 20 years for us to get used to our lives being surrounded by technologies. But once we get to the “Modern Tech Era”, people will know how to handle the excitement that technology brings us and communicate face to face more often. As a human being, “hanging-out” or “bonding” is never too “old-fashioned”, no matter which era we are in.

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