PUMA Athlete Sven Wagner shares his story in running

June 17, 2024

PUMA Athlete Sven Wagner shares his story in running

June 17, 2024

Many of PUMAs greatest talents got their start young and Sven Wagner is no exception. This young talent gave us a sneak peek into his running journey and what is to come for him in this Year of Sport.

Where and when did your journey in running begin. As an athlete here in Germany, what was the path that you took to get to where you are today?

Sven: I actually went to a normal grammar school and didn’t go to a sports or boarding school. However, as I come from an athletics family, sport played an important role from an early age. At the age of five, I was already part of the Bambini group and played handball at the same time. I was able to combine this to some extent until I was 12 and then specialized in athletics. As all my older brothers did decathlon, I mainly trained decathlon as well until I was 15.

Then in 2016, a new running coach came to my old club and quickly discovered that I had the talent to be an endurance athlete. In the same year, I competed in my first German championships over 3000m and became fourth. Over the following years, I continued to establish myself as a top national youth athlete until I made the switch to another training group in 2018. From then on, I also managed to take part in international youth championships and tried to gain a foothold internationally. In 2022, I made a small breakthrough with a best time that still stands today.

What disciplines do you participate in and do you have any favorites? 

Sven: I mainly run the 1500m, but I have actually run 800m quite often, especially at the start of the season. Last year I ran 5000m on the track for the first time. I also occasionally run 5 and 10km road races. Ultimately, however, I’ve been running my main distance (1500m) the most in the last five years and this is where I feel most comfortable.

What is something that is especially important for you when you are training and competing? Do you have any rituals, traditions or things that help motivate you? 

Sven: I especially hate it when it’s windy. Wind is really worse than rain and can really spoil my mood. Otherwise, it’s important for me to feel light and free in my clothes. I need to feel strong and powerful right from the warm-up so that the race can go well. Music also plays a big role for me, as it can motivate me a lot, but also calm me down if the nerves get too much.

Can you give us a little bit of insight on your experiences with the PUMA running products? Have you gotten to test any products or are you able to give feedback on what could be improved?

For normal and long runs, I prefer the PUMA Magnify 2. It’s very neutral, with a relatively wide sole, so the foot stands very comfortably in the shoe, and there’s less risk of twisting on rough terrain. I particularly like the PUMA Deviate 2. I mainly use this model for tempo-sessions in training, and for a carbon shoe, it’s very neutrally aligned. I have no problem covering many kilometers with it, and at the same time, I feel that running with this shoe is much easier and more economical. As for the spikes, I don’t need to say much; they are very lightweight, very ergonomic, and fit well on the foot. The grip feels very strong, allowing me to perform at my best both in training and competitions.


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