The Power of planning

Accountability in getting results

December 29, 2021

Accountability in getting results

December 29, 2021

Have you ever chased a health or fitness goal only to have it fall flat in a matter of weeks? If you have, rest assured you’re not alone – only 30% of goal setters achieve what they set out to do. And studies suggest that a mere 20% of people set goals in the first place!

The problem is that we are told that achieving a goal is all about willpower and sheer determination. Therefore the moment our mental resolve waivers, everything comes crashing down. But the difference between getting stuck on the starting blocks and reaching the finish line has more to do with planning and accountability because our environment trump’s willpower almost every time. We need our surroundings to make action and progress the easy option. We need our environment to be set up so it’s far more difficult NOT to complete our goal. We need to be smart about it and take away as many potential barriers as possible (planning) while adding in support (accountability) to stay consistent.

Start by removing the barriers. The process needs to be convenient.

As much as possible ensure that where you train is on your commute, near work or home. The location is important because the added commute time can become a barrier when life gets busy. There is very little excuse if you are passing a gym or pool on your way home from work for example. If you’re short on time before or after work (shout out to all the parents out there) lunchtimes may be your best bet. Choose training that fits into your work day and block out your calendar.

If your calendar is mayhem, your workout options need to be flexible – be realistic.

Build training into your social life.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

Take note of your closest people and examine the habits that come easily while you’re with them and the behaviours that are challenging to maintain around them. Don’t underestimate the impact that your closest people have on you. Be open to adjusting the type of activities you do with friends and ask them for their support with your goals. Whether your current social life hinders or promotes a healthy lifestyle needs to be built into the plan.

Make sure it’s sustainable.

Whether you’re training for a specific goal or long term health and fitness change, the process needs to be sustainable psychically, mentally, socially and financially. A well balanced routine should be energising with plenty of recovery built into the week allowing you to stay on track without burning out. By starting small and increasing training volume gradually you allow time to adapt to these changes. Don’t get sucked into the “all or nothing” approach – consistency is King when it comes to results.

Get Accountable.

No matter how driven we are, there are always moments of exhaustion and low resolve. In these moments it helps to have systems in place that create accountability whether that be to a friend, a coach, an event or an app, for example. The more accountability we create, the more consistent we are likely to be with healthy habits and the less likely we are to quit. Accountability is an easy win.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Sit down with your diary each week to block out specific times for your training sessions and book into any classes required. This is the final and crucial step that enables you to understand how you will actually make it all happen within your schedule.

Solid planning gives you the best chance of success in achieving your goal. By identifying and removing possible barriers, creating accountability and getting intentional with your time you are well on your way to results. If this is something you really want to achieve, don’t leave it up to chance. Take time to build an environment that supports you reaching your goals and becoming the person you want to be.

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