How to make a horizontal career move at PUMA

July 7, 2021

How to make a horizontal career move at PUMA

July 7, 2021

Have you ever considered a horizontal career move? It comes with many benefits. We would like to highlight some of them for you in this article. At PUMA it is all about fulfilling work and less about hierarchy. We believe if you can align your passion with your work, it will bring the best out of you. Are you ready for a change?

Climbing “the ladder” isn’t the only way to progress in your career. We often think of growth as linear and vertical, but that isn’t always the case. Just because a new position at PUMA isn’t necessarily at a “higher” level than your current one doesn’t mean you are not advancing your professional skills. At PUMA, we want to develop our employees. It keeps us agile & fast.

So why not expand your skills and become an even more sought-after, multi skilled professional? Why not develop a passion for a role in an entirely different department and make a lateral move to a job at the same level?

We believe, the more understanding our employees have from different departments, the better the co-operation is.



1. You broaden your experience and knowledge & get a wider perspective to become a better equipped leader.

2. You expand your network.

3. It builds your confidence and gets you out of your comfort zone.

4. It’s fun. You explore your own interests in a different field.

5. You build the foundation for your next career step.


Ulrich Planer

Horizontal Career Move: From Graphic Design Teamsport to PUMA Archive

“Don’t get yourself distracted by a promotion, title and possible pay rise that comes with it. If a promotion includes e.g. people management, but you are more of a project manager kind of type, don’t pressure yourself into something, that you don’t really want to do. I have turned down promotions for this sole reason. It could well be, that I would not work for PUMA anymore, if I would have taken the promotion. Both you and PUMA can benefit, if you focus on what you like. It is easier to develop yourself, if you have to learn new tasks that you are really interested in.”

Vicky Mok

Horizontal Career Move: From business development to IT consulting

“Be open-minded and embrace the challenges ahead. What it took to strive in a new workplace was definitely rewarding for my personal growth. It’s beyond polishing my skills and broadening my knowledge. It’s all about the mindset and attitude towards life.”

Not sure where to start?

  • Think about what you want to learn in your next career step?
  • Think about the areas you are interested in?
  • Think about the new skills you want to learn in your new role?
  • Talk to your manager!


Let’s unbox your career!

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