It's You against yourself

PUMA ME launch ‘You vs You’: a campaign focussing on self motivation and transcending limits

June 27, 2023

PUMA ME launch ‘You vs You’: a campaign focussing on self motivation and transcending limits

June 27, 2023

It’s You vs You: the only person you should compete against is yourself.

Focussing on self motivation and transcending limits, PUMA Middle East’s ‘You vs You’ campaign highlights becoming the best version of yourself by competing against the only inspiration needed: yourself! Any form of self accomplishment is unmatched by external validation, so set yourself as your own benchmark as you push yourself to be better than the day before.

The campaign is centred on personal progress and self-improvement, and inspires people to challenge themselves. It features a diverse range of training products, including modest activewear and hijab products.

For the campaign, PUMA collaborated with five Middle Eastern athletes. The motivational stories of fitness coach Nour Cheaito, world triathlon coach Ramona Khalife, 100m Lebanese national record holder Aziza Sbaity, footballer and movement practitioner Mahdi Khamassi and athlete Jad Sleem are the core narrative of the campaign. Hear from them below!

Ramona Khalife

“I want to build a community where women of all races can communicate and continue to support and take care of each other, celebrate their success and give them a space to feel their own strength. That is power.”

Aziza Sbaity

“The only thing we chase are dreams and goals. The most beautiful thing about sprinting is how the world disappears and everything goes silent. In those few seconds, all you feel is freedom and all you have is tunnel vision. It’s just you, in your own lane.”

Nour Cheaito

“Set new standards, surpass them, repeat. No one else can do it for you. Success is not handed to you. It’s earned through self- motivation and belief in yourself. Embrace the challenge, rise above the obstacles, and let your inner fire be the driving force that pushes you toward your dreams.”

Jad Sleem

“My ultimate competition is always myself. Each time I enter the gym, the reflection in the mirror becomes my rival, driving me to give my all in every workout, every set, and every rep. I know that success is not measured by how I stack up against others, but by how far I’ve come from where I started. That’s the mindset of a true athlete”

Mahdi Khamassi

“As a holistic athlete, I’ve discovered that movement is not just about fitness, but a way to connect with your inner self and understand your body’s limitless potential. It’s about pushing yourself beyond comfort, breaking barriers, and transcending limitations. Embrace the journey of self-motivation and let movement be your vehicle for self- transformation.”

How will you challenge yourself next? #FOREVER.FASTER

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