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Three PUMA Athletes Get Real About Their Periods

June 17, 2022

Three PUMA Athletes Get Real About Their Periods

June 17, 2022

Nothing should stop you from moving! That’s why we partnered up with Modibodi® to develop active period-proof underwear. The limited-edition range makes playing sport on your period more possible, more comfortable, and more supported than ever. It is designed to completely replace pads and tampons while you play. Our products got approval by our PUMA top athletes Jodie Williams, Sabrina Frederick & Ali Riley. We caught up with them on why it’s about bloody time we shout loud and proud about our cycles… read their stories!

Even in the 21st century, periods and leaks still prevent women from participating in sports. Studies have revealed that girls’ participation in sport drops from 69% (ages 11-12) to 45% (ages 13-15)*. Additionally, the single-use plastic from disposable products can continue to pollute the environment for hundreds of years. As a global brand, we felt it important to do our part to address this issue. The PUMA x Modibodi collaboration allows women to stay active, without having to worry about leaks, while reducing their monthly waste from period products.

Jodie Williams, Olympic sprinter

“In 2018, day one of my period coincided with the European Championships. I had slowly been working my way back to fitness that year after some health issues. I managed to get myself into decent shape and made the team, only to be knocked out in the first round, running significantly slower than I had been all year. It was devastating that I had worked so hard to get back, only to be affected by something completely out of my control. At the time I didn’t feel like I could speak openly about it so I never explained publicly why my performance had been so bad. The more open dialogue there is surrounding periods, the better the resources will become for women. Our hormones fluctuate throughout our cycle and the more we can understand the impact this has on our bodies, the more effective our training can be.”

“A lot of girls drop out of sport because it becomes uncomfortable to adjust to the changes your body is going through. There is so much shame still attached to menstruating. I know it would have been incredibly helpful for me when I was younger if I heard one of my idols talking openly about how they dealt with their period. Half of the population has them – the fact that it has become a taboo subject and one laced with shame is beyond me.”

“I think the fact that brands are now starting to realise the importance of catering to a woman’s cycle is a big step. It means I can just get on with my session without having to worry about changing a tampon or a pad halfway through.”

Sabrina Frederick, AFLW player
“When I was younger my period would really affect my focus. I used to feel weird, almost scared, about getting it when playing or training. Especially being in a sport where it is predominantly males, it felt like a dirty little secret and something I couldn’t speak openly about to the coaches and people around me.”

“Now that I have grown up, I truly understand menstruation and how amazing a woman’s body is. At the start I would worry about bleeding through my white away shorts – now I understand it’s a part of me and if that were to happen, then so be it. What a woman’s body can do internally is nothing to be ashamed of – it should be empowering. Take back that power, change the stigma.”

“Whether on or off the field, it’s important I feel comfortable and can express myself the way I want to – that’s why I’m a true believer in period-proof underwear. To feel great is to play great.”

Ali Riley, defender for Angel City Football Club
“I remember when I first had my period. I was wearing a tampon during a football game for the first time and it started to come out – I can clearly picture the moment where I did a tackle and I felt it dislodge. I was in so much pain for the rest of the game. I’m lucky that that event didn’t deter me – because an experience like that can be traumatising. Having a period can really turn girls off sport – however, if they were to stay, sport becomes a safe place where they can get help and support. My teammates and I really lean a lot on each other during our menstrual cycles – I think this says a lot about how important it is for women to stay in sport.”

“Wearing light-coloured shorts is a really big source of anxiety for me when I’m expecting my period so when I say that I love this underwear, I’m not exaggerating. For women to be able to focus on their sport – or just go about their day – with one less worry, when we’re up against so much in society as it is, is invaluable. It allows confident, independent, awesome women to do something they enjoy without fear.”

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