Get the Look: PUMA x Coperni 90SQR
PUMA x Coperni 90SQR

Futuristic Footwear

January 29, 2024

Futuristic Footwear

January 29, 2024

PUMA and Coperni have just unveiled a fantastically futuristic sneaker that is making waves. Well-situated within the luxury-meets-sportswear sphere, the latest drop flaunts a structural design with sleek geometric lines and a clean, minimalistic base. Taking cues from the cutting-edge 90SQR, we’ve styled a look that embodies futurism while remaining grounded in wearability.

The Shoes


Revolving around values of innovation, minimalism and uniqueness, the collaboration between PUMA and Coperni seeks to redefine the limits of tech-driven fashion and footwear design. A hybrid creation, the visionary PUMA x Coperni 90SQR was inspired by the cutting-edge technology of PUMA’s FUTURE football boot and the architectural aptitude of Brutalist structures. Note the distinctive square toe, along with a meticulously constructed upper, geometric tape seams and mesh material on the base. Available in three striking colourways ─ a sleek White, sophisticated Asphalt, and vibrant Mad Yellow, with branding on the heels and co-branding on the lace tips. The outfit of the day goes with the minimalistic elegance of the White option. These cross-pollinated shoes stand proudly in two worlds, reflecting a new step in sport and fashion, one that seeks to harmonize functionality and aesthetics.

The whole Outfit

The Outfit


Inspired by this contemporary symphony of textiles and tech details, here’s an outfit that seamlessly keeps up with the tradition from runway to street. Up top we went with a silk-satin tank in timeless white with a fluidity that nicely juxtaposes the straight lines established in the sneakers. Layering over that is this immaculately cut cotton-poplin shirt that gives effortless elegance through a slightly oversized fit and subtle tailoring. Below comes the wild card of the look, shaking up the monochrome effect a bit ─ soft wool-blend trousers decorated with patterned embroidery and delicate stitches. Like the fluid strokes in the tank, the wiggle wobble of the motif in the trousers works to contrast the very clean lines in the sneaker stitching and sharp square toe. Finally, we’ve draped on this luxurious open-front all-white jacket with a cotton and silk blend, shawl lapels and plenty of interesting shapes and textures. The style perfectly suits the luxe vibes that the 90SQR sneakers exude, making it the ideal outerwear item to layer on top to stay warm and stylish.

The Accessories


For accessories, think high-end and innovative. Crystal-embellished silver earcuffs elevate the outfit big time, with a nice glint that matches a unique silver and leather belt with knot-detailing (which gives options: it can be worn around the hips, through the trouser loops, or over the poplin top and around the waist to create more shape). A tweed baker boy cap introduces a slightly masculine feeling, while super sheer elbow-length gloves balance it out with an air of ‘I’m a Lady’. Finally, a sling shoulder bag in white leather with silver studs is very Y2K, confidently embracing past and present yet giving future ─ same as the iconic 90SQR.

PUMA and Coperni’s robust relationship gives birth to a hybrid creation that harnesses the power of a performance football boot with the elegance of a ballet flat, redefining the boundaries of tech-driven fashion. Incorporating slick lines, elements of movement and aspects of Brutalist architecture, the 90SQR sneaker reveals an attitude of futurism while remaining completely wearable within the contemporary wardrobe.

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