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PUMA China supports a primary school in Yunnan

December 6, 2021

PUMA China supports a primary school in Yunnan

December 6, 2021

In October, PUMA’s Chinese team spent a week of community engagement at the Nanling Primary School, Lancang County, Yunan Province. PUMA employees brought the kids PUMA products, uniforms, writing utensils, and most importantly, the spirit of sports. The whole China management team attended along with other volunteers. A meaningful initiative to support the kids in the rural area.

We don’t do charity because it matters, it matters because we do it!

PUMA China’s slogan for charity

Nanling Central Primary School

Nanling Central Primary School is based in Lancang Lahu, an autonomous county in China. The school has a total of 1640 students and 127 teachers & staff. With PUMA´s long term community engagement plan, we aim to support and motivate the students and teachers in the rural area.

For this, the whole PUMA China management team along with 26 PUMA volunteers travelled to Yunnan for five days.


PUMA provided the school with an education fund, school uniforms, some PUMA products, customized stationary sets and personal care products. Obviously, the kids very much enjoyed the unexpected gifts.


At an opening ceremony, the students dressed in the new school uniform and performed a traditional dance in order to welcome and to thank the PUMA troop. At the end of the ceremony, the General Manager of PUMA Greater China, Philippe Bocquillon, exchanged gifts with the school principal as a symbol of friendship.

Home visit

Divided into four groups, the PUMA China team visited twelve students’ homes and families. Most of them live with their grandparents. Even though their living conditions are quite challenging sometimes, they all showed optimism and positivity, which was impressive.

To support their education, PUMA China sponsors 20 students’ living expenses along with school uniforms. We also set up PUMA scholarships to motivate the students.

PUMA Fun Class

Besides the donation, the PUMA colleagues in China also organized 17 fun workshops and classes. We have basketball, football and gymnastics in sports class; hiphop and music in arts class; paper folding, creative card making, cartoon painting and cube playing in creation class; Shanghai touring and animal world in social & nature class. We especially prepared formative education for hygiene which was mainly for female students and IT course for teachers to solve their daily IT problems.

In the art class of “Draw your Little Dream”, our colleagues guided the students to draw their dream paintings on the bottle gourd, the spiritual symbol of the Lahu nationality. We encouraged the students to draw and pursue their dreams bravely.

All classes were very popular in the students and the teachers said they were very useful to open the students’ mindset.

The team was proud to do something really meaningful to support the kids in the rural area

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