Global Recap: Be Well Week 2023

PUMAs all over the world engage in well-being & mindfulness activities

June 2, 2023

PUMAs all over the world engage in well-being & mindfulness activities

June 2, 2023

Self-care and wellbeing are a priority at PUMA. This is why, in the month of May, our PUMAFam all over the world dedicated their efforts to raising awareness for mental health – an integral part of our emotional, social, and psychological well-being. It influences our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and the way we manage stress and make decisions. Read on to get a glimpse behind the scenes of our PUMAs Be Well activities from Australia to Japan and Ireland to North America.

From Bubble Soccer, Zumba, and bracelet-making to practicing yoga and meditation, or participating in informative sessions led by our Learning Department, self-care takes various forms. Recognizing that everyone has unique needs and diverse approaches to nurturing their bodies and minds, we arranged numerous events worldwide, aiming to inspire and empower our PUMAFam on their self-care journey.

PUMA Oceania

Our PUMAs in Down Under organized their Be Well Week form May 23rd to 25th, starting with a mindfulness & meditation course over lunch. A smoothie van made a vitamin-rich visit on the second day and on the last day, a with a run / walk in the park was organized to clear the head.

PUMA Vietnam

Starting on the 22nd of May, our PUMAs in Vietnam kicked their Be Well Week off with a Yoga class, an Inbody workshop and fresh fruit and juice.

The week was filled with mindfulness exercises, a health talk about stress management, meditation or a healthy dose of movement in a Zumba class.

PUMA Korea

Our colleagues in Korea organized two days, dedicated to sports, mindfulness and community engagement. They met in a calming venue that was surrounded by nature and enjoyed the feeling to BE TOGETHER in beautiful mother earth. The concept of this year’s sports event consisted of a blue team and white team sports event that most of Korean elementary school kids do. The activities took our PUMAs back to their elementary school days and put their minds in youthful freshness. The sports day was concluded with a friendly get-together around the fire pit and some nice music and refreshments.

On the second day, our PUMAs engaged in a community activity to help underprivileged children by making soccer goalposts and soccer balls, which have been donated to an orphanage in Korea. We hope the children will play soccer games and become famous soccer players in the future!

PUMA Japan

Step by step into mindfulness was the cue at our Japanese PUMA office. The employees built teams and competed in a CAT Walk Contest – Over the whole month of May, their daily steps have been counted. Every team member used an app to track their steps and the team with the most steps would win the contest – congratulations to the winners 🎉!

PUMA Thailand

On May 31st, our PUMAs organized a floral arrangement workshop to de-stress and create the most beautiful flower arrangements for their homes & offices.

PUMA Hong Kong

The Be Well Week in Hong Kong started on May 29th with a running session and a Zumba class. Throughout the week until the 2nd of June, further Zumba classes, a Health Talk, neck massages and free smoothies were organized.

PUMA South Africa

Our South Africa PUMA office and warehouse employees participated in a 10km Run Your City Run/Walk on Sunday 14th May. Also, MS Teams sessions on our employee wellbeing programme have been organized, to highlight the benefits of the many courses and programs and encourage our PUMAs to actively participate in it. Further, the PUMAs participated in the global learning interventions of May.


Our PUMAs at the Herzo HQ had a variety of offerings during the Be Well Week from May 22nd until May25th. From Zumba and jumping fintess to meditation and mind coaching to aquafitness or tennis, both physical activities and mental mindfulness sessions were offered.

Smoothies from the canteen provided the necessary portion of vitamins and in nutrition workshop our colleagues could learn how nutrition affects our well-being. The participants of the Hip Hop or Latin Dance class and the Bubble Soccer game released some happy hormones and at the Face Yoga and Fascial Release tensions could be released.

PUMA UK & Ireland

Our PUMAS in the UK and Ireland have had the opportunity to join three webinars, where they talked about the different influences on stress and what techniques and practices one can use to reduce it – and how nutrition and sleep techniques can help to improve mental health.

PUMA North America

Our PUMAs in North America organized weekly yoga classes, relaxed in a sound bath meditation session, and prepared themselves against the odds in a self-defense course.

Furthermore, they were surprised with a bracelet making session and some ice cream. Additionally, weekly gift card giveaways and benefit fair activations have also been occurring at this time as well.

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