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All eyes on PUMA's employees

April 5, 2018

All eyes on PUMA's employees

April 5, 2018

Evgeniya Lipchinskaya

Training & Development Specialist, Russian Federation

If I had to pick only one superpower, I’d take omnilingualism. Language is an important skill in my job, because I communicate with colleagues all over the world. English is a connecting language for us. But is it enough for effective communication? If you have the power of omnilingualism, you can open wonderful worlds to any nation whenever you like.
Every language has its own story, which consists of traditions, humor, proverbs and concepts. National language is a basis for personal development and it determines the individuality of a person. The superpower of onmnilingualism would allow me to understand other people’s behavior and motivation better and it would let me choose more efficient ways to coach people to improve their competences.
Maybe I already have this superpower. Who knows…

Yulia Lysenko

Manager T&D, Ukraine

That’s a very difficult question. I would like to have different superpowers depending on the current situation. Sometimes I’d like to be strong like Superman, sometimes I’d like to change the place as fast as Flash. But I’ve always dreamed of possessing two super powers: The first is convincing people at one glance and influencing their thoughts. Of course, that would be a huge responsibility, because I would influence the other person’s life. But in a lot of situations this power is simply necessary. The second one is to be able to control time. There are moments in life that you want to speed up, for example long waiting times or an unpleasant conversation. Then again, there are situations that you really want to slow down to enjoy the emotions, for example, or the presence of a specific person.

Calum Crone

Key Account Executive, UK

If I could have any super power, it would definitely have to be mind reading. A lot of people hide their emotions and thoughts. It would be great to be able to understand them and know what they are feeling. This could be a positive and a negative power I suppose, but it could change your approach with someone, if you can understand their mindset and what makes them tick.

Pritika Bharti

Manager – Accounts Payable, India

Wouldn’t it be great, if you knew exactly what is going on in the other person’s head, when you are talking to him or her? The human brain and behaviour are so complicated that sometimes it is impossible to understand what is going on in someone’s head. You can know a person for half of your life and he or she can still behave in a completely unexpected way. It would be fun to have the superpower of knowing exactly what the other person is thinking. I would baffle him with my superpower by planning my reaction beforehand!

Minnie Wong

Manager, Sourcing Operation, Hong Kong

My favorite superpower would definitely be the power of traveling between different dimensions! I can have fresh fruits in Australia in the morning, go to Japan for shopping in the afternoon and at night I can go back to Hong Kong catching up with my friends. Within one single day, I’d leave my footsteps all over the world. How cool would that be?!

Gail Stainton

Retail Merchandise Manager, Australia

My favorite superpower would be to fly – at supersonic speed, of course!
Moving to Australia to live and work for PUMA was an amazing opportunity I just had to take, but the hardest challenge has always been living so far away from family and friends in the UK and Germany.  Flights home are long and tedious and I’d trade in my air miles any day for the chance to use my superpower and fly home in a heartbeat.

Eileen Ryser

Regional HR Junior Analyst, Chile

If I could choose a superpower, I’d take teleportation. It would be great being able to go wherever the action takes place. I would love the power of being face to face with someone I want to have a conversation with, who I wish to see, hug or share my energy with whenever I want. I believe there are infinite things you could do! A power that can bring us closer together and take us away from screens is definitely a positive thing for me. Let’s not forget how amazing it would be being able to view, smell, touch, taste whatever you imagine by just moving there in an instant.

Dmitriy Meshkov

Logistic Coordinator, Russian Federation

That is a very tricky question. In general, I feel satisfied with what I’ve got. And I don’t want to win the lottery. I think it’s a good and right way to get things done by making efforts, pushing one’s boundaries and overcoming one’s limits. It’s not only the result that counts, but also how you achieved it.
But there is one thing I’d like to change: it’s a cognitive activity during which I can’t be as calm as I’d like to be. I like reading, learning mathematics and playing instruments. Every time I do it, I feel a kind of philosophical sadness: “The world is so interesting and beautiful! But it’s boundless. I’m only able to grasp a tiny part of it.”
I would like my brain to work faster to be able to understand a greater number of the earth’s mysteries and grasp a greater part of the world. Let’s say ten times faster at least.

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