PUMA’s Stakeholder Dialogue
and the journey to Vision 2030

PUMA invited representatives of civil society, sustainability expert organisations, United Nations agencies, and others to HQ to discuss our Vision 2030 Sustainability agenda.

May 3, 2024

PUMA invited representatives of civil society, sustainability expert organisations, United Nations agencies, and others to HQ to discuss our Vision 2030 Sustainability agenda.

May 3, 2024

It has been exciting days at our HQ in Herzogenaurach, filled with vibrant discussions and collaborative energy. Celebrating the 21st anniversary of PUMA’s Stakeholder Dialogue, we were delighted to host over 70 people on April 17th and 18th. Together, we delved into the essential actions required to advance on our path towards achieving our enduring commitment to becoming FOREVER. BETTER.


A collective of experts from NGOs and academia, along with industry peers and key accounts, PUMA business partners and representatives from intergovernmental agencies, young voices joined forces with PUMA employees, including our CEO Arne Freundt and CSO Anne-Laure Descours. Together they critically assessed PUMA’s 2030 in the four key areas: Climate, Human Rights, Circularity and Traceability.


Arne Freundt and Anne-Laure Descours kicked off Day 1 of PUMA’s stakeholder dialogue by giving a business update. Anne-Laure Descours talked about PUMA’s sustainability efforts and our supply chain. She also shared a status quo on our 10FOR25-targets and various initiatives like RE:SUEDE, RE:FIBRE and our Voices of a RE:GENERATION.

Then Veronique Rochet, Senior Director Sustainability and Stefan Seidel, Senior Director Corporate Sustainability gave an update on our Sustainability efforts, 2030 vision and targets. A big part of working on FOREVER. BETTER. is dealing with upcoming regulations. Jerome Pero, Secretary General, FESI therefore gave some insights on upcoming regulations that will shape the sustainability landscape.

Envisioning PUMA’s Sustainable Future

One of the main goals of the Stakeholder Dialogue is to forge connections among sustainability experts and foster engaging conversations that will sculpt PUMA’s Vision for 2030. In pursuit of this, we’ve initiated four panel discussions designed to harvest a multitude of viewpoints on the goals, hurdles, and prospects for PUMA’s 2030 ambitions.

They explored strategies for ‘Bridging the Living Wage Gap and Advancing Gender Equity’, delved into ‘Climate and Biodiversity Strategies’, championed the adoption of ‘Embracing a Circular Way of Thinking’  and examined the importance of ‘Mainstreaming Traceability’.

After each panel, we facilitated a table discussion for each participant to bring their own perspective and to discuss their visions on each of the key areas.

“I was truly impressed by the collaborative spirit. We discussed very critical topics of human rights, circularity, and climate. But it was clear that we all share the same objectives and want to constructively work together to make the industry more sustainable and better.”

Arne Freundt, CEO PUMA

Check out comments after our stakeholder dialogue from one of our panelists: Dorothee Baumann-Pauly, “How PUMA Has Used ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ to Promote Human Rights by NYU Stern Center for Business & Human Rights” here. 

Want to learn more about PUMA’s sustainability efforts? Visit the FOREVER. BETTER. website.

There’s only one FOREVER. Let’s make it BETTER.

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