5 tips to tackle spring fatigue

March 14, 2018

5 tips to tackle spring fatigue

March 14, 2018

The first flowers sprout, gardens and parks are greening and the sun is staying out longer every day. Spring is awaking from hibernation, but your body is still in winter mode?

Check out the following 5 tips for a cheerful and dynamic start into springtime!

1. Early morning exercise
Beat your inner sloth by starting your day with a quick jog, swimming a few lengths or doing a couple of push-ups. If you’re not the type that can go from zero to „workout hero“ right after getting up try a mellow yoga routine. Any form of physical exercise will boost your circulation and provide your brain with an extra portion of oxygen. The early morning workout will definitely make you feel like a new person – you’ll be more alert, more concentrated and you’ll have more energy to get through the day.


2. Nutrition
Break it off with greasy food and too much alcohol, because this will guarantee to keep the yawning attacks coming. Avoid feeling lethargic, tired and unfit by providing your body with healthy and clean foods instead. When you’re eating clean, whole foods like fruits and vegetables are obvious choices. There’s no need to completely get rid of caffeine boosters such as green tea or coffee though as long as they are consumed in moderation.
Other foods that will give you an energy boost are:
-Dark chocolate: Preferably with 70% cocoa content – contains healthy polyphenols and caffeine. And it’s delicious!
-Citrus fruits: They boost your immune system with the extra portion of vitamin C.
-Salmon & walnuts: The full load of omega-3 fatty acids – very good for your brain!


3. Hydration
Drinking two to three liters of water per day is a must. The water helps to stimulate your metabolism and basically flushes the spring fatigue right out of your body. The easiest way to keep up the constant drinking is to make a water bottle your new best friend: Where ever you go, whatever you do – make sure to take it with you. Adding a bag of tea or a splash of lemon here and there will also keep your taste buds happy.


4. Sauna / contrast showers
A proven recipe to get your cardiovascular system going is having a sauna. The aroma therapies and sauna infusions activate your senses and prepare you for the wonderful charms of spring. In case there’s no sauna available a good old contrast shower – the „contrast“ is from hot to cold – will do the deed as well! Start with warm water. The higher temperatures will open the blood vessels and get the blood flowing. Then switch to cold to drive the blood inward to warm and protect the internal organs from the cold. Repeat!


5. Music
Energetic music will put you in the right mood for your daily tasks and will activate your body and mind. Listening to your favourite songs will do wonders! It is even more effective than a strong cup of coffee. Trust us! The best bet is to listen to songs you know the words and can sing along to – wether it be singing at the top of your lungs or only quietly in your head.


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