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Interview with Richard Teyssier, PUMA´s VP of Brand & Marketing

May 16, 2024

Interview with Richard Teyssier, PUMA´s VP of Brand & Marketing

May 16, 2024

We’re not just fast; we’re FOREVER. FASTER. 🏁💨 Dive into our global brand campaign and ride the vibe with us. Check out the freshest snaps of PUMA billboards lighting up cities worldwide. 🌍✨ We’ve got the inside scoop on our marketing mix and where you can catch our cool campaign in action. And guess what? We had a chat with the man himself, Richard Teyssier, our VP of Brand & Marketing. He’s the maestro behind the magic, and he’s spilling the deets just for you.

It is an invitation to the consumer to see the game the way we do as a brand. And the way we see the game is… FOREVER. FASTER.” – Richard Teyssier, Vice President Brand & Marketing at PUMA


It´s PUMA´s biggest brand campaign in ten years – What do you aim to achieve?

Richard:  Let’s start with why we’re doing this. When I started my job as Global Brand & Marketing Director, the first thing we did was to look at the Brand Tracker. It was clear that prompt awareness was very close to the main competitors, while other key metrics such as spontaneous awareness and brand consideration were far away from the competition. We believe that one of the main causes was communication. The brand was not as visible to the consumer because we had fragmented and less emotional communication. The main goal of this brand campaign is to create an emotional connection with our core target group and thereby increase communication awareness and brand recognition.

One of the key aspects of this campaign is speed. But we would love to know what FOREVER. FASTER. and the campaign means to you personally?

RichardThe main aspect of the campaign is to establish FOREVER. FASTER. as the brand mantra. When we talk about FOREVER. FASTER. there is a key dimension of speed, and we want to highlight that. What it means to me personally? FOREVER. FASTER. has always been very aspirational to me. I think it was an internal project before it was presented to consumers. Our speed, our ability to be fast, is still something that sets us apart and has contributed to our success in recent years. I believe this is also a very strong message to consumers. FOREVER is our attitude of having the end in mind in everything we do, especially in our sustainability work. FASTER is our attitude. We want to serve the fastest athletes and be the first to connect with the trendsetters.

Besides the PUMA brand campaign video, what else can Pumas expect to look forward to as we approach the UEFA EURO 2024, CONMEBOL Copa América and the Olympic Games?

RichardWe kicked off our global campaign with the main film on April 10th worldwide simultaneously with a complete media mix : Out of home, TV, online TV’s, You Tube and main social channels such as TikTok and Instagram. We will have spin-offs for the main events in this year of sport : EURO 2024, Copa America and the Olympic Games. To give a specific example: we will be or were already visible during key sport moments at Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and F1 in Europe and with campaign spots on linear television for NBA and WNBA games in the USA, for the Copa América in South America. We focused on our out-of-home advertising on major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, Paris, London, Madrid, Cape Town and Shanghai. It will be hard not to see us. 😊

An essential part of the campaign is the claim “See the game like we do”. How do we want the PUMA fam and consumers to see the game?

RichardWe tested different taglines to support FOREVER FASTER, and “see the game like we do” was the winner, by far. It is an invitation to the consumer to see the game the way we do as a brand. And the way we see the game is… FOREVER.FASTER.

What will it take for the campaign to be a success in your eyes?

RichardWe have specific objectives measured with the brand tracker on brand consideration and communication awareness. In parallel we test in eight different countries immediate effect on awareness, consideration, and advertising recall. We will have the first results coming out in June and look forward to sharing those with everyone.


That sounds fantastic, we are excited. Thank you very much for the insights, Richard.

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