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Working out with PUMA's activity app

November 8, 2015

Working out with PUMA's activity app

November 8, 2015

Only recently, we launched a new version of PUMATRAC, our unique sports application for your smartphone. It says on the box that it tracks more than 30 activities such as running, cycling, swimming, yoga, playing football and many more. It also promises that it will motivate you to get out of the door and will analyse how external conditions affect your performance. It apparently pushes you to always be a better version of yourself by encouraging you to train #nomatterwhat.

But is this really true? We have asked around in the office whether people find it useful and whether it enhances their performances.

Sarah Stade (28)

Manager PR Sport Performance Global, Herzogenaurach

So far, I have used the app for Tennis, Vinyasa Yoga, Running and Cycling. I have used it every week, since I downloaded it last August, because I really do enjoy it. It motivates me to work out, because it is great to see how badges unlock and how many hours of work-out you are doing. If you have a lazy week, you can see how much you worked out in the previous week. And this helps me personally to move and get started. It tracks the distances and durations you are working out, which is very useful information. I especially like that this is done in a PUMA tonality. One time after a run, I received a message saying ‚With your run, you covered the lengths of 232 basketball courts.‘ Stuff like that is just fun to know. I know it sounds a little bit silly, but I really enjoy collecting Trac points and to fulfill quests that I have taken on. I still need to complete the “Sprint like Bolt during a thunderstorm” quest, though. It is very simple and easy to use. I can only encourage people to try it.”

Sarah has been with PUMA for 5 1/2 years. She loves that no day at PUMA is like the other and that she gets to travel a lot. And of course, she loves the people she works with.

Moritz Schneidmüller (31)

Global Strategic Planner at COBRA PUMA GOLF in Carlsbad, USA

I have mostly used PUMATrac for cycling – both on my daily rides to and from the office as well as on longer trips on the weekends. I also tried it several times for walking and running. I started using it about two weeks ago and have used it since then on a daily basis. I really like the app and I would give it an 8 out of 10. It provides most of the statistics I’m interested in, such as average speed and elevation gain. This is very essential information for me, that motivates me to get better every day. It’s also great to see this data visualized in graph form. Battery life is a challenge on longer bike trips, but that’s an issue with all these kind of apps. I wouldn’t call myself a digital native, but even for me the app was 100% intuitive to use. I will definitely continue to use it – especially for longer bike rides.”

Moritz has been with PUMA since June 2011. In his job he enjoys most that he is working together with great like-minded people at a brand and in an industry he is absolutely passionate about.

Petra Sticker (feels like 36)

Teamhead Sourcing Footwear EMEA, Herzogenaurach

I have used PUMATrac on a weekly basis for my running training. It gives me a good overview and analysis of my runs. The most useful information for me is the pace message after 1 kilometre. I also like to see the activity details of every work out, pace of each kilometre and to see later the route I did on the map. I love the Track Score point functions, as this motivates me to train more. I do not need any other gauges to track my training sessions. I find it very easy to use and self-explaining. I have started to use it more and more, because I like to have an overview of my training sessions per week or month.”

Petra has been with PUMA for more than 14 years. Since her passion is sports, there is nothing better for her than working for a cool sports brand like PUMA. She loves that she gets to work with many international colleagues and also to do sports with them … like a PUMA sport family.

Johannes Hackstette (31)

Manager Corporate Communications, Herzogenaurach

I have used the app for playing football. Unfortunately, I was only able to use it once, because I got injured during that game. I hope that this is not a bad omen for using it. I really like its tonality. It has the typical ‘PUMA twinkle in the eye’ character. It is also useful to gain an overview of all your activities in one app. However, I am a bit sceptical about activities that cannot be tracked precisely. In the case of Football, the app basically just takes your time and estimates your burnt calories based on standard data. I wonder how accurate this is. But it definitely makes your workout more fun when I think of all the quests that the app suggests. Also the option to explore running routes in the area is a great feature that I am going to try out – once my ankle has stopped hurting.”

Johannes has been with PUMA since 2011. He especially loves the constant challenges that his job brings about.

Jaime Sala (29)

Sales Manager Africa, Salzburg

I always use the app when I go for a run, which is two to three times a week. It is a great user-friendly tool which enables me to track my performance and share with friends. Some of them are already using it, particularly the ones who are training for a certain event such as marathon. I am looking forward to users being able to set up groups to challenge and motivate each other. The key features for me are the insights and statistics of my runs. In addition to that, I like the audio feedback while running, despite the fact that I listen to my own music. This makes it fun and motivating.”

Jaime has been with PUMA for more than three years. He loves that he has to travel a lot in his job and appreciates the interaction with people from different backgrounds and cultures at PUMA.

Thomas Sommer (35)

Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, Herzogenaurach

I have used PUMATrac for weight lifting and power lifting sessions over the last two weeks. To be honest, it might be just the right app for your ordinary after-work-workout, but when your workout gets more serious, you are better off with something more specific. An old-school workout log would be the right thing to start with. The good thing about PUMATRAC is that it kind of works like a workout log, but compared to more specific apps, I didn’t find it very helpful at all. On top, I did not find it intuitive to use. But I did like the female voice. I might try it again for running, which I haven’t done yet, but for my weight training routine, it is rather useless.”

Thomas has been running PUMA Athlete training classes at our headquarters in Herzogenaurach for the last four years. He loves to talk people into strength related training, such as TRX, bodyweight or barbells, more often than cardio or endurance related training. He thinks there is much greater overall health benefits from it.

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