July 6, 2022


July 6, 2022

PUMA athlete and captain of the Icelandic Women’s National Football Team Sara Björk Gunnasdóttir has shown us that you can be a young mom and a football star at the same time.  Eight months after giving birth to her son Ragnar, Sara is back in top shape and ready for the Women’s European Football Championships in England, which starts today.

CATch up had the chance to interview Sara in Herzogenaurach just before she leaves for the competition in England. We asked her about the biggest lesson learned during pregnancy, how her career and life as a mother are developing, and what it means to her to be part of the PUMA family.


It meant a lot to me that PUMA has supported me throughout my pregnancy journey. At first I was nervous when I told them that I am pregnant, but they were so happy for me and responded with "amazing" when I told them. This showed me that we truly are a family.

Sara Björk Gunnasdóttir

Sara, you are a mom and a professional athlete who is just about to play at the European Championships. How do you manage to have time for your baby? 

Sara: I have to admit that the balance can be difficult at times. I am super happy to have the support from my family and boyfriend. Just because of them I am able to continue with being a professional football player. My son and my boyfriend will come to England just when the tournament starts and be with me the whole time.

Your group in the Euros is a tough one. You’re playing against Belgium, Italy and France. What do you think will be your biggest challenge during this tournament? 

Sara: This is my fourth big tournament. We have very short intervals between games, so it’s very important to focus on each game and not hold on to negative thoughts. There is no room for big emotions, I think this could be a big challenge.

From football fans to a professional footballer: who do you think will win the competition?

Sara: Iceland, of course! I think we’re always underdogs in such big competitions, but I love being an underdog. People don’t believe in you, and then – boom – you shock them by being bigger than they expect you to be. I think Sweden will do very well, too. There are a lot of great teams in this tournament. It’s going to be a cool competition!

What advice do you have for professional athletes who are pregnant?
Sara: I mean, there’s no recipe for the perfect pregnancy and how best to bounce back. Just listen to your body and relax. It’s a great experience, so take your time and enjoy it. There are five of us moms on the team, and I always try to support them and tell them to call me if they have any questions. I mean, as a mom who is also a professional athlete, you might be absent for two or three years after pregnancy. It’s important to have a good connection with your team.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned during your pregnancy that you would like to share? 

Sara: I mean, the biggest lesson is that you don’t have to stop doing things you love just because you’re a mom now – you can do both! I learned a lot about how the body works and that football isn’t everything. Football players have big egos, we think about ourselves a lot. And now, for the first time in 21 years as a footballr player, my perspective and priorities have changed. It is my motivation and my biggest priority!

Do women trash talk on the filed? 

Sara: OH YES! Female footballers are sooo competitive and tough. They can be brutal. I started playing football at a very young age and I remember my teammates’ parents calling our coach and complaining about me being so competitive and taking things too seriously – that hasn’t changed! I remember playing against girls who would call me names during games. At the end of the day, they just want to win so bad!

Since you and your partner are both professional football players, do you want your child to have the same passion for football?

Sara: Yes! No, I’m kidding. My boyfriend always carries around a little ball and sticks it out in Ragnar’s direction and then tells me he loves football, and I’m like, no, you just show him the ball all the time. I mean, we wish Ragnar shared the same passion as his parents, but as long as he’s happy with what he’s doing, so are we!

What does it mean to you to be part of the PUMA family!

Sara: At first I was nervous when I told them that I am pregnant, but they were so happy for me and responded with “amazing” when I told them. This showed me that we truly are a family. They have supported me all along and made it a new opportunity for me to show my story “Do Both”. I felt the support and respect all the time. It’s so great to have you all behind me. I am so grateful for that! The message of “Do Both” is so important. It’s not just about PUMA and me, it’s about so much more. I made it for all the women out there who have doubts or are afraid of getting pregnant during their career. It shows that you can literally do both and enjoy it. It’s great that we did this together with PUMA.

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