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"I want to be the best player in the world"

May 21, 2024

"I want to be the best player in the world"

May 21, 2024

Xavi Simons, 21-year-old Dutch midfielder and one of the most promising young talents in football, recently visited our PUMA HQ! The RB Leipzig and Netherlands national team player, who has been nominated for Bundesliga rookie of the season 2023/24, stopped by in Herzo and took the time to sit down and chat with our CATch Up magazine about his career, his goals, and his passion for the game.

Besides a photoshoot, a tour over our PUMA history bridge and PUMA Archive, Xavi also participated in a PUMA FAMTALK with our CEO Arne Freundt, and answered questions from our PUMAs in the audience. He even received a surprise message from his idol and PUMAFam member Neymar, and a special gift for his birthday.

🔥 Quickfire Questions 🔥

Get to know Xavi Simons, FOREVER. FASTER. style!

CATch Up: What’s your most memorable goal?
Xavi: I would say my first champions league goal.

CATch Up: What’s your favorite pre-game song?
Xavi: Just one? Uh, my current one is, I would say, dreams and nightmares from Meek Mill.

CATch Up: What’s your favorite dish?
Xavi: It’s a Surinam dish, it’s rice, chicken and some vegetables.

CATch Up: Who’s your favorite player of all time?
Xavi: My idol is and has always been Neymar, so I would choose him.

CATch Up: If you were not a professional football player, what would you be?
Xavi: Uh that’s a difficult one. I would say something related to football. So, a coach or something like this.

CATch Up: Cats or dogs?
Xavi: Dogs.

CATch Up: Who will win the Euro 24?
Xavi: The Netherlands.

CATch Up: Xavi, you’re playing an outstanding season (seven goals and 11 assists) with RB Leipzig and Euro 2024 is coming up soon. Are you already looking forward to it?

Xavi: Yeah, obviously, I’m excited, the tournament is really important for the Netherlands and for me especially. I’m still young, so making this tournament at such a young age is really special. So, I’m really looking forward to it!


CATch Up: What goals would you like to achieve with the Netherlands?

Xavi: Everything! I would like to achieve everything – to let the people enjoy our football and of course my football as well. That has been the dream always!


CATch Up: Do you have any pre-match rituals?

Uh, yeah. I have a lot of these 🙂  Before I go to the stadium, I call my mom always, and my brother on FaceTime, to talk before a game. It’s very important for me.

CATch Up: You have joined Leipzig for this season, what is your favorite and least favorite thing about Germany so far?

Xavi: I didn’t visit Leipzig a lot to be honest, but I think for me, the weather could be a bit better, you know? But the city is really nice, and the people are really nice to me as well. So, I would say the best thing here are the people.

CATch Up: You play with the PUMA King, a shoe that has already been played by legends such as PELE. What does that do to you and what do you think of the boot?

Xavi: Yes, it’s a special boot because when I was young, I wore it already, it’s been with me my whole career. So that is really special to me now. But obviously, all these legends playing with these boots is special, and it’s definitely something. I believe it was always a thing that I wanted to achieve – writing my own story you know, my own career. So to now share it with all these legends, walking in their footsteps, that’s really cool.

🔥 Thank you very much for your time at the HQ and all the best for your future, Xavi!

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