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Adventure Awaits

April 9, 2024

Adventure Awaits

April 9, 2024

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the best-selling anime series of all time, PUMA has partnered with the beloved One Piece to deliver an adventurous and whimsical new collection. Sprinkled with graphic elements grabbed from the show, the collection contains apparel, footwear and accessories consistent with the pirates’ misadventures. We’ve styled an island-inspired outfit worthy of any wannabe pirates out there and perfect for the super fans and fashion moguls alike.

The Shoes

Four figures of fancy footwork: the new collection showcases quadruple iterations of the PUMA Suedes motivated by the notoriously powerful Four Emperors of the series: Straw Hat Luffy, Red-Haired Shanks, Blackbeard Teach, and Buggy the Genius Jester. With elevated detailing, custom packaging and special gold medallion hang tags that reference the characters, each shoe has its own unique expression. 

Today’s outfit opted for the Blackbeards with their sleek suede upper and elegant leather overlays which allow the gold elements to really shine. We’ve coupled these sneakers ─ aligned with one of the show’s primary antagonists ─ with a slightly darker and more edgy outfit that stays true to character.

The whole outfit

The Outfit

Anime and manga are an integral part of Japanese pop culture and have also significantly influenced the fashion industry. With a vibrant, imaginative style characterized by bold colours, unique designs and exaggerated proportions, the world of manga meets the DNA of PUMA in this latest launch (and things seem to be going well).

The globally popular anime One Piece traces one of the main characters, Luffy, on his quest to become the King of the Pirates; the collection depicts aspects of this journey through well-designed graphic elements such as pirate flags and scenes from the show embedded into quality t-shirts, hoodies and a tracksuit. 

Today’s look revolves around the all-over printed tee from the series. With the four buccaneers splayed out over the chest, it immediately beckons you into the world of One Piece. Overtop comes a black and white button-up that can (and should) be worn open to let the graphic tee be at center stage. Below, a pair of mid-length frayed black shorts give a very “stranded on an island, rescued by pirates” feel. Up top pops the sandy hoodie with a graphic of the character Shanks on the chest, and a matching jacket to finish things off ─ embroidered graphics on the front and back and a co-branded label on the sleeve ensure no one mistakes it for anything other than an homage to the show.

The Accessories

Lastly, we arrive at the accessories which are helping to bring the PUMA x One Piece collab to life in the little details. Made for all your adventures, a black multi-strap backpack with co-branded tags accompanies you wherever your quest takes you;  a classically retro bucket hat with co-branded and embroidered detailing is a quirky statement piece. A silver pendant necklace feels like a mysterious treasure that is very on-brand with the whole theme. Finally, a pair of sculpted sunglasses with an oval metal frame and grey tinted lenses protect your eyes while sailing the seas, er… walking the streets.

To the delight of fans all over the world, sports giant PUMA has paired with the best-selling anime series of all time: One Piece. The resulting collection delivers fun and expressive pieces that celebrate beloved characters through vivid graphics and elevated detailing, artfully combining the worlds of manga, sport and streetwear.

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