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CATch up gets you to know your colleagues

March 2, 2017

CATch up gets you to know your colleagues

March 2, 2017

Our CATch up Meet up Interview lets you find out the other side of PUMA’s people.

You are on your own in a city you do not know. How do you spend your evening? 

I’ve probably got some jet lag, if I just arrived, so I’d get outside for a walk and find a great local restaurant. I think you can tell a lot about a city from its food.

What or who do you find embarrassing?  

Me, when I’m acting like my dad. It’s funny how you never think you’ll do those things that you saw as a kid and then you do!

What does success mean for you?

Happiness for and with my family.

What do you appreciate most about yourself?

Probably adaptability. I try to relate to all levels in the company to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Your favourite pastime?

On the sport side, it’s Basketball. That’s probably a surprise to many that it’s not Golf, but Basketball has always been my favorite sport. Golf is a close 2nd.  On the lifestyle side, there’s no question…Oktoberfest in Munich!

Which character from literature can you identify with most?

I’m not a big book guy, but can relate to Jerry Seinfeld’s character a lot.

What was your biggest achievement?

Somehow convincing my wife to marry me and having two wonderful kids.

What was the first PUMA product you have been wearing and when?

2005, when I started, I got my first PUMA track jacket. I was the coolest cat in town!

Which book is currently on your bedside table?

The Puppy Primer. We have just got a new puppy and I’m trying to figure this thing out!

What do you appreciate most about other people?

Creativity. There’s no right or wrong … just ideas to learn from.

When can you laugh about yourself?


What is it that you do NOT want to know at all?

How my iPhone works. I don’t care how or why, I’m just happy that it does!

When was the last time you did something totally untypical for you?

I cried at a kid’s movie. If you haven’t seen “A Dog’s Purpose”, do yourself a favor. I cried like a baby.

What are your principles?         

I love the 4 keys inside and outside of work. Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative are wonderful words to live by.

Which mistakes can you forgive?

If they are acknowledged and understood, all of them.

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