"How do you train for
an important run?"

All eyes on our PUMA employees

April 17, 2017

All eyes on our PUMA employees

April 17, 2017

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, held on Patriots Day every year.

The running event is special to our colleagues in the U.S. not only because we are a sports brand, but especially because our Running and Training Business unit is based in Boston. We have colleagues who not only create  the PUMA footwear and apparel products, but run and train in it as well. We wanted to know from six of our colleagues who will be participating in the run how they have been training for the event and what the Boston Marathon means for them.

Eric Narcisi

Fit and Wear Test Analyst, Footwear, Boston

For the marathon, the long run is key and I’ll try to work in as many race-pace miles (or faster) as I can. I love Boston because of the enthusiasm that everybody has for it. It’s impossible to be out on the Boston Marathon course and not feel energized by the enthusiastic crowd. Especially if you’re still feeling good when you get to Kenmore Square; the combination of knowing you’re almost there (1 mile to go!) and having thousands of people screaming for you… it’s almost overwhelming.

Bryan Gollins

Product Line Manager, Regional Creation Center Footwear, Boston

The Boston Marathon is special to me because of the rich history that comes along with it. All Bostonians and true runners regard the Boston Marathon as the pinnacle of sport for amateur and professional runners alike. To be able to finally compete in the race means years of hard work have finally paid off. Training for the Boston Marathon means 16 weeks of running 6 or 7 days per week. Whether it’s speed workouts, tempos, easy runs or long runs. A good training period means mixing in all of these to give yourself the best chance on race day.

Ryan Taylor

Head of Product Line Management, Running/Training Apparel, Boston, orig. from Australia

Always have a plan. Feel free to speak with other runners, coaches and research ‘training programs’, but most importantly take in the information that makes you the most comfortable. In reality, running is a pretty simple past time, so keep your training just the same. Just be consistent. I’ve always wanted to run Boston with its rich history and amazing route. I’ve recently moved here so it’s going to be a great opportunity to sightsee!

Jose Van Der Veen

Sr. Product Line Manager, Running/Training Footwear, Boston, orig. from The Netherlands

The Boston Marathon was on my bucket list long before I moved to Boston. In this town you are not considered a serious runner until you run the Boston Marathon. Entry into this prestigious event must be earned – it cannot be bought or given away. Training for a marathon is a grueling process that requires dedication, hard work and mental toughness. It is important to have a commitment to the training schedule in order to succeed regardless of the harsh Boston winter weather conditions.

Kyle Fortin

Jr. Developer, Regional Creation Center Apparel, Boston

Training for me is getting enough sleep, eating healthily days prior to the big run, and having a fully charged iPhone to jam out to music, of course. Having watched the Boston Marathon for years, I’ve always looked up to and been inspired by the runners. Finally, after being a bystander for so long, I knew I wanted to be involved more. Running a marathon is not anything I ever thought I could do, but I love pushing my boundaries- and doing it for a charity is all the more rewarding.

Tim Perry

Manager, Marketing Retail, Westford

Preparing for an important run requires a lot of time, discipline and commitment. With this in mind, I try to focus on consistent training while understanding my limitations to avoid injuries. Once race day rolls around, the hay is in the barn and it’s time to enjoy the experience! The Boston Marathon is a true community party, with many out there just enjoying the excitement for the race and cheering for strangers. This is a great aspect for a runner who puts in many long, lonely miles during winter training!

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