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Staying hydrated and a Playlist with the best water songs

July 30, 2019

Staying hydrated and a Playlist with the best water songs

July 30, 2019

A heatwave was rolling over Europe in July, runners are dropping like flies and blazing hot winds from the Sahara makes the whole continent sweat.

Thanks to climate change the weather is bound to only get crazier. So for the hot days (weeks/month) you should definitely keep an eye on your hydration.

Why is hydration so important?

Water is life. Your whole body is made from 70 to 75 % water. And it shows. Humans can go up to 21 days without food, but even in normal circumstances barely a week without water. In your body water is responsible for:

  • Maintaining blood circulation
  • Regulation of body temperature (sweating)
  • Solvent for essential biochemical reactions
  • Removing waste

How to stay hydrated?

That is why a balanced water intake is extremely important for everything that is going on in your body and even mind. You already start to feel thirsty if you loose just 1 percent of your body’s water reservoir. At 2 % percent your body starts to seriously brake down. Strong fatigue, dizziness, impaired mental capacity and cardiovascular problems are the symptoms. But staying hydrated can be easy (if you’re not lost in the desert). Here are our tips to keep you hydrated:

  • Drink more water! Mick Jenkins is definitely right. The first step is simply to consume more water. Add a glass of water to every meal, to have a head start
  • Fruits are awesome. Many fruits contain a lot of water, especially cucumbers, watermelon and oranges should be a staple in your diet
  • Carry that water. Always have a bottle of water with you, wherever you go!
  • Take your water game to the next level by adding some flavor. That doesn’t mean sugary syrups, a slice of lemon or herbs will do the trick just fine
  • Watch your urine. It should be light yellow, everything else is a sign to drink more water (or consult a doctor)
  • Especially if you’re going for sports in the sun, you should drink sports-water. Plain water will not be enough to keep your electrolyte levels steady

Fighting the myth:
While caffeine has a slight diuretic effect, drinks that contain caffeine count towards your water intake just as well as water!

The Playlist:


If you’re still not motivated enough to stay hydrated, here’s a little playlist with the coolest songs about water:


1. Mick Jenkins – Drink more water
While “water” is used as a metaphor for truth, the song just has such a calm and hypnotic vibe that you will be humming “drink more water” in no time.

2. Dead Prez – Be healthy
While the song is more of an ode to healthy living, a line that stuck with me for years is all about water: “and I drink water – 8 glasses a day, cos’ that’s what they say”.

3. Frank Sinatra – Drinking water
While the song is definitely not about hydration, the chorus is extremely catchy and you should listen to more great old music!

And of course, the two classics in the water-metaphor game that are just to good to not include:

4. Justin Timberlake – Cry me a river

5. TLC – Waterfalls

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